2011 Moxie 61

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2011 Moxie 61

Fort Lauderdale FL, US




TOSCA has just completed an extensive $400K refit including: 

  • New LORIMA carbon rotating wing mast
  • All new standing textile rigging by FUTURE FIBRES
  • New NORTH sails (main, solent and genoa)
  • Two new 75 HP YANMAR engines
  • All new electronics including B&G plotters, radar, wind, log, speed repeaters and transducers
  • New MASTERVOLT Lithium-Ion battery pack 

Moxie Yachts was created to bring cruisers what racers have enjoyed for years: fast, safe, no- compromise sailing. With one extra twist: sailing in luxury.

An impeccable pedigree and luxurious appointments in an ultra-light, all-carbon construction. Safe, user-friendly, and featuring ocean-tested solutions, the Moxie 61 TOSCA reflects VPLP’s 25 year history of record-setting designs. With lines that spell speed and elegance, TOSCA is a world-class multihull for all sailors – monohull racers, luxury cruisers, and anyone seeking high performance, comfort, and safety at sea.

Moxie 61 TOSCA was the elapsed and corrected time winner of the ARC Europe 2014.

Please visit moxieyachts.com for more photos, videos and a virtual tour of the yacht. 


Full Specs

2018 Upgrades
  • New LORIMA Carbon Mast
  • New standing rigging
  • New sails
  • Two (2) new Yanmar Engines
  • New Lithium Battery Bank ($50K)
  • All new electronics



Yacht Characteristics
  • Designer:  VPLP
  • Overall length;  18.95m / 61ft
  • Hull length:  18.68m /61 ft
  • Waterline length:  18.65m/ 61 ft
  • Beam:  9.6m/ 32 ft
  • Draft:  1.2/2.76m 3/9 ft
  • Lightship Displacement:  16,000 kg/ 35,000 lbs
  • Air Draft:  27,15 m/ 89 ft
  • Mast length:  24m/ 79 ft
  • Mast surface:  9m2
  • Engine power:  2x80hp
  • Fuel capacity: 800L
  • Fresh water capacity: 570L
  • Black water: 320L
  • Cabins: 4


Going fast isn’t enough. Great comfort and high style are equally important. Racing technology thrives on the ultra-light and stripped-down concept. TOSCA is not a racer clad in cruising garb. It is a luxury cruiser worthy of it's racing pedigree: a very fast yacht for the discerning sailor who wants high performance and style. The distinctive full beam coach roof of the Moxie 61 and it's unique lines means more than good looks. It opens up unmatched living space in the cabins below. Between the spacious cabins, stylish salon, and the vast aft cockpit, life aboard is truly a haven of peace and comfort. Passengers enjoy privacy and generous personal space while the light weight of the yacht is not compromised.

Four elegant en-suite cabins are designed for comfort, complete privacy, and a good night’s sleep, with plenty of space for clothing and personal items. Portholes bring light and fresh air into the cabins, creating an inviting retreat by day as well. Original artwork in each cabin add that extra personal touch - a home on the blue water, away from home.

All down lights are dimmable with Quick Italian style LED architectural fixtures. Circuits are split to create different moods and affects onboard.

Construction and Design

The engineering of the structure was done by VPLP Yacht Design based in France. The yacht was built by Jaz Marine Pty Ltd. The construction is SP epoxy carbon core-cell foam in female tooling. Every layer has been vacuum bagged to reduce excess resin build-up and ensure a proper laminate bonding. SP Fairing compound is used and sprayed with Alexseal marine paint systems.

Stripped down to bare essentials, hull lines, rig, sail plan, and building material combine to define a boat. At Moxie Yachts all four components hail from the best racing tradition: ultra-light all-carbon construction, rotating carbon racing style wing mast, well aft for optimal performance, wing-like high aspect ratio, square top main sail, a complete all-Cuben sail wardrobe, and fluid hull lines to glide effortlessly over the waves.

Such a no-compromise design also presents a major challenge: how to make a true luxury vessel with spacious living quarters, modern amenities, and advanced systems while also keeping off unnecessary weight. This was VPLP’s brief. Success on that front would redefine sailing. With its racing pedigree clad in stunningly beautiful lines, the Moxie 61 delivers.

Steering and Maneuvering

The autopilot can be swapped to either rudder stock as the associated electronics and cable have quick connectors. Both dagger-boards and rudders are finished with a graphite coating to reduce friction and reduce algae growth. Dagger-boards are retractable and mechanically controlled from the cockpit.

  • Rudders: 2 x custom, carbon shaft and blades
  • Rudder stock lower bearing: 2 x JP3 flange upper bearings
  • Rudder stock upper bearing: 2 x JP3 flange lower bearings
  • Dagger-boards: 2 x carbon
  • Steering wheels: 2 x custom, all carbon: 1000 mm diameter
  • Composite quadrants: custom, link bar sliding on RONSTAN track
  • Spectra rope cables: custom
  • Auto-pilot power unit: 1x B&G, RAM-T3-24V ~ New 2017
  • Auto-pilot control head: 3 x B&G, BGH210021 graphic pilot display 
  • Auto-pilot processor: 1 x B&G Hercules 5000 ~ New 2017
  • Rudder reference units: 2x B&G rudder rotary unit ~ New 2017
  • Gyro sensor: 1x B&G Halcyon gyro sensor ~ New 2017
  • Remote Vision: B&G,  BGH 120 hand-held remote control

Rigging and Sails

The carbon wingmast, compression post and cross beam is made using the infusion construction technique.

FUTURE FIBRES standing rigging lashed to the spar and linked to the boat using custom turnbuckles secure the mast.

All sails have dedicated furling cables from FUTURE FIBRES and attached to KARVER furling drums.  In total 2 continuous and 1 single line furling drums are on board.

The deployment and furling operations are assisted using the electric winches, yet can be furled manually in case of an emergency.

All sails, except for the main sail, are hoisted onto KARVER locks to reduce the loading on the rig and add increased safety to the boat.

All jammers and clutches are SPINLOCK as used on top-end race boats. The genoa system is self-tacking making short-handed sailing possible.

All the controls can be operated from either helm station, except for the Solent furling, which is done on the port side helm station.

  • Mast: Lorima carbon wing mast (2017)
  • Boom: Carbon
  • Standing rigging: FUTURE FIBRE KEVLAR (2016)
  • Running rigging: SPECTRA
  • Furlers: KARVER 20T single line Solent

                        KARVER Continuous Gennaker

                        KARVER 20T Staysail

                        KARVER 14T Storm

  • Jib Mainsail headboard: ANOMALY, custom
  • Deck hardware: RONSTAN Racing Range
  • Winches: 4 x LEWMAR 4 77/3 AST 3 speed self-tailing electric winches
  • Mast Winch: LEWMAR AST 2 speed self-tailing electric winch
  • Deck switches: 5 x LEWMAR 5 stainless foot activated deck switches

North Sails Inventory

NORTH SAILS undertook to supply the boat with a complete NORTH SAILS inventory. With durability and ease of handling in mind, Cuben Fiber was chosen as the choice of sail material. A complete CFD analysis was done on the sail and rig package to optimize sail design. The main sail has 3 reefs. The headboard is a custom Anomaly system which hooks the square top batten. The main sail is fitted with a climbing bolt rope track located 150mm aft of the luff to make going aloft safe. All sails are fitted with reflective tape for ease of viewing at night time.

  • Main sail: 1x 125m2 SRPC carbon spectra 2016
  • Solent: 1x80m2 SRPC carbon spectra 2016
  • Staysail: 40 m2 Cuben Fiber
  • Storm Jib/ORC: 27 m2 Dacron
  • Genaker: 150 m2 Cuben Fiber
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker: 275 m2 Nylon 1.5 Oz
  • Symmetrical spinnaker: 300 m2 Norlon 2,5/1,5 Oz
  • Lazy bag: NORTH SAILS
  • Spinnaker sock: NORTH SAILS

Generators, shore power and alternative charging
  • External alternators:  2x Mastervolt 110 AMP - 2016
  • Shore power:  220v or 110v
  • Solar panel:  6x Sanyo 210W
  • Inverter:  1x Mastervolt 2500W
  • Charger:  2x Mastervolt 110 amps - New 2017

DC Power and Distribution
  • Battery bank monitor: 1x Mastervolt Easy View - New 2017
  • House batteries:  4x Mastervolt 24/160Ah Li-ion - New 2017
  • Inverter Charger:  1x Mass Sine 24/2500W
  • Control panel:  1x Master View System - New 2017 

The electrical charging system is designed by MASTERVOLT to achieve simplicity, single point responsibility and reliability. All equipment, except batteries, carry an extended warranty of 5 years. The Lithium-Ion batteries give the added advantage of weight and space saving and additional charging control. The DC distribution is managed by the Master View System and Easy View screens making a user friendly interface.

Air Conditioning and Monitoring
  • Air conditioning: 4 x CRUISAIR, 220V Q3 units
  • Alarm, monitoring and control: Master View Easy View screens
  • Fresh water tank level: 2 x BEP Sonic tank senders
  • Fuel tank level sensors: 2 x BEP Sonic tank senders

  • Radar: 1x FURUNO Navnet TZ Touch ~ New 2017
  • Navigation software: MAXSEA Time Zero
  • GPS: FURUNO, GP-320B, 12 channel receiver 1 watt
  • Processor: B&G, BGH250001, H3000 CPU; Hydra
  • Instrument display: 4x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Pilot Display: 3 x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Depth sensor: 2 x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Speed sensor:  1x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Mast head unit:  1x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Mast Rotation Sensor: 1x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Horn: VETUS, 24 V 
  • Autopilot: 1x B&G, H5000 ~ New 2017
  • Rudder Reference unit: 1x B&G H5000 ~ New 2017


  • VHF: ICOM M802 DSC
  • VHF remote: ICOM 2 x M34
  • SSB: ICOM M802
  • AIS: 1x FURUNO Class B FA-50 ~ New 2017
  • V-SAT: V-SAT satellite phone and data
  • MINI C: 1x Thrane & Thrane ~ New 2017
  • IRIDIUM: 1x Satellite 9555 phone and data

Whilst on passage, communication can be via the V-SAT, IRRIDIUM phone, THRANE AND THRANE Mini C

Two shuttle PC's are installed with the same software, allowing for redundancy and furthermore separating the tasks of communication and navigation.



A SPECTRA water-maker makes water and delivers it to a day tank mounted in the galley. From there it is diverted to either the port or starboard tanks. The fresh water from the tanks is pumped via two SHURFLO pumps which deliver water to either the port or starboard hulls. If needed both systems can be connected for redundancy and service.

Whilst on shore, the local water supply can be plugged into the fresh water inlet on the port shoe locker which eliminates the need to run any water pressure pumps. This water is filtered through a carbon filtration system.

The engine rooms and forward sail lockers are fitted with an automatic bilge pump system, whilst the rest of the hulls are plumbed to accept a quick coupler linked to the engine driven pump system. This remote hose has sufficient length to get to the hard to reach places. If the automatic bilge pumps are in operation, a light illuminates on the switch panel located at the nav station.

Bilge and Fresh Water Systems

  • Float switch: 4 x ULTRASWITCH, UPS-01-24-32 with alarm sensor
  • Engine room bilge pump: 2 x RULE, 200024V, 4 Amp; rated 75 lpm
  • Float switch mount: 2 x ULTRASWITCH, #52 mounts float switch to pump
  • Accommodation bilge pumps: 2 x JABSCO clutch pump on main engine
  • Sail locker bilge pump: 2 x ULTRASWITCH
  • Sea water pump: SHURFLO, 24 VDC; 500 Watt, 24 Amp
  • Fresh water piping: WHALE/KYTEK
  • Fresh water plumbing fittings: JOHN GUEST
  • Fresh water tank: yard standard x 2
  • Fresh water fittings: HANS GROHE
  • Fresh water pump: 2 x SHURFLO
  • Fresh water filtration: Carbon filter 
  • Fresh water heater: 2 x ISOTHERM, basic 40
  • Water-maker: SPECTRA Newport 750, 24VDC
  • Water-maker remote control: SPECTRA at vav station

Black Water and Grey Water Systems

Black water is pumped into a VETUS tank, which gravity drains out the boat. Each tank is fitted with a sea water spray nozel to clean and flush tanks. Each tank is fitted with a sealand breather to reduce smells. Each black water tank system is fitted with a pump out option. Toilet system is plumbed for both sea and fresh water. Whilst offshore and passage, saltwater can be used to minimize the use of fresh water.

  • Black water piping: SEALAND, odor safe sanitation 38 mm ID
  • Black water tank: 4 x VETUS, 4 x 80L
  • Tank vent filter: 4 x SEALAND holding tank vent filter
  • Toilets: 4 x TECMA Silence Plus Marine, 24V
  • Gray water piping: SHIELDS vinyl hose 

Propulsion, Engines and Fuel Systems

Engine rooms lined with new PROMASOUND followed by custom insulation for sound absorption. Standing head room in the engine rooms makes for easy access to engine and systems. Start panels have been modified so each panel can start or stop either side engine.

  • Main engine:  2x Yanmar 4JH-80 - New 2017
  • Sail drive: 2 x ZF SD60 - New 2017
  • External alternator:  2x Mastervolt 110A - 2016
  • Wet exhaust muffler: 2 x VETUS, 90mm
  • Water separator: 2 x VETUS, 90mm
  • Engine/gear controls: 2 x TELEFLEX, KE4, 24V electric shifters
  • Propellers: 2 x GORI, 3 blade folding 20 dia 16 pitch
  • Start batteries: 2 x MASTERVOLT, AMG 12/90 90 Ah @ C/20 rating
  • Ventilation exhaust fans: 2 x JABSCO, 35770 4 ; 250 CFM; 24V/6A
  • Head exhaust fans: 4 x RULE, 140-24 3 duct in-line blower
  • Engine room insulation: PROMASOUND

Fuel is stored in bladder tanks manufactured to aviation standards located under the aft cabins. Fuel flows from tanks to the engines via a RACOR dual filter system which in turn is plumbed to an magnetic algae X device. It is possible to transfer fuel between both tanks with the REVERSO pump.

  • Fuel tank:  2x Aviation Standards - 2016
  • Fuel fill hose: yard supply 10 mm
  • Fuel vent hose: yard supply
  • Fuel engine hose: yard supply CE hose 
  • Fittings: Yard Supply CE hose 
  • Fuel tank level sensor: 2 x BEP 
  • Fuel oil transfer pump: REVERSO
  • Fuel filtration: 2 x RACOR
  • Algae X

Safety Equipment

Fire Fighting

Each engine room is fitted with automatic and manual over ride systems. The manual over ride is located in the aft shoe lockers. The electrical bay is fitted with a separate automatic/manual over ride system. Each cabin is fitted with a small fire extinguisher. The saloon and galley have larger dedicated fire extinguishers. The canisters are stainless steel.

  • Fixed fire fighting system: 2 x SEAFIRE, FD600M auto/manual fire suppression and engine shut-down
  • Engine shut-down system: 2 x SEAFIRE, ESRS V 131-261; control unit for engine, genset, 2 fans
  • Manual pull cables: 2 x SEAFIRE, SMAC-14, 14 ft/ 4.3 m pull cable 

Safety Equipment

  • Epirb: 2 x MAC MURDO, automatic and manual deployment
  • Life raft: VIKING, 6 persons
  • Lifejackets: 6 x SPINLOCK
  • Dry suit: 4
  • Life ring buoys: 2 x LIFESLING
  • Flares: PAINS WESSEX
  • Portable extinguishers: 6 x SS 

  • Lightweight custom, carbon dinghy with 4 stroke 20 HP Honda electric start motor.  It can be easily deployed from its retractable davits into the water using a dedicated dinghy halyard positioned on the aft end of the boom.  The dinghy is steered from the centre console making it a perfect tender.

Anchoring and Mooring/Under Water Safety

The anchor is deployed through the longeron. The windlass can be controlled via hand held remote or rocker switch located in the anchor locker. When picking up anchor, the salt water deck wash pump provides salt water to clean the chain to prevent dirty chain entering the boat. The chain is stainless steel. The anchor is attached to the chain using a stainless swivel. The portable spare dive canisters give 40 breaths to do any quick under water checks and can be refilled using the dive bottle.

  • Anchor windlass: LEWMAR V5, 24V, 50 Amp; 1200 Watt
  • Anchor - primary: LEWMAR Delta, 40 kg for 12-13 mm
  • Anchor - secondary: Aluminium FOB HP, 34 kg
  • Anchor chain: 100 m/10 mm
  • Mooring cleats: 6 x RECESSED
  • Mooring lines: 6 x SOUTHERN ROPE, braided dock line
  • Fenders: 6 x inflatable, 18 round
  • Boat hook: WEST MARINE, telescoping
  • Spare air dive canisters: 4
  • Diving cylinder/BC: 1 regular set

Galley Equipment
  • Stove: ALPA INOX, KM3464LP, 5 burner gas cook top
  • Oven
  • IKEA Microwave
  • Galley sink: stainless steel
  • Galley freezer: custom  
  • Refrigerator compressor: ISOTHERM 
  • Freezer compressor: ISOTHERM 
  • Control valve: 2 x ISOTHERM 
  • Wine cooler: ISOTHERM 
  • Icemaker: U-LINE

Refrigeration units are located in the galley and saloon area. An additional wine cooler chills drinks. An ice maker is fitted in the aft cockpit.

  • BBQ: Aluminium LP gas; 560 L x 255 dia mm
  • LP gas control: TRIDENT gas control panel/switch with solenoid valve and detector
  • LP gas bottles: 4 x TRIDENT 10lb horizontal bottles
  • LP gas regulator: TRIDENT 2-stage, 2-tank regulator
  • LP gas pigtails: 2 x TRIDENT bottle connection hoses
  • Stove connection hose: TRIDENT high pressure hose
  • BBQ supply hose: TRIDENT LPG supply line hose

The gas cylinders are located under the aft cockpit settee. The system is comprised of two aluminum propane cylinders, plumbed to a trident twin bottle system. The gas will only flow once a solenoid valve operated from the galley is opened. As a safety, the boat is fitted with several gas monitoring devices. Any leak and the system is shut down stopping the flow of gas. The aluminum BBQ mounts onto a custom carbon bracket and gas line quick connects to a stainless steel gas fitting located nearby. 

Interior Lighting
  • All down lights are dimmable with Quick Italian style LED architectural fixtures.  Circuits are split to create different moods and affects onboard.

Music and Video

3D DVD can be viewed on a TV recessed into the ceiling panel. Music/Sound is played via the BOSE LifeStyle 48 system (full surround sound), which takes inputs from Blue Ray player, BOSE docking station, external hard drive or own CD player. The BOSE system has two zones, making it possible to listen to two different sound sources in the saloon and aft cockpit areas.

  • Surround sound/DVD media center: BOSE, LifeStyle 48 5,  340h storage
  • Amplifier: 2 x BOSE, SA-2, amplifier access to LS48 in salon
  • Speakers: 2 x BOSE, 131, marine speaker
  • Wireless controller: 2 x BOSE, PMC II, backlighted 
  • TV: SAMSUNG, LE40F86BD, 40-inch LCD flat screen
  • DVD: SAMSUNG Blue Ray DVD player 

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.