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BAZINGA major price reduction Owner is moving on to new projects and wants to sell now. Make an offer! BAZINGA is the decathlete of the catamaran world! Its a proven racer, comfortable Bluewater cruiser and would be a perfect resort charter boat.

"Professionally Built Wharram design constructed using foam-cored fiberglass and other modern material. The builder, Boatsmith, Inc of Jupiter, FL, worked with a well respected professional, naval architect to reengineer the structural components for this type of construction."The mission was to expand and prove the capabilities of the Wharram design which was based on ancient Polynesian boat building.

The ancient Polynesian builders found a design that was not only stable and comfortable in challenging sea state but safe and reliable to explore far away lands. Instead of a vessel that "fights" the sea, this design flows with the ocean energy.

The Wharram design capitalized on the incredible strength of "lashing" the hulls, bridge and even the rudders. 

BAZINGA separates itself from other catamarans and other Wharram boats in many ways. BAZINGA was professionally built by an artisan wood working company, BoatSmith. The highest quality materials where used without cost concern.

Daggerboards were added to improve on the already efficient hull design. BAZINGA has proven it’s performance by racing against other "traditional" and "performance" catamarans and winning.

Owners remarks: 

BAZINGA "Not your granddaddy’s Wharram" is a comment the owner has heard more than once by those looking at her. Critical parts of her were re engineered by a notable Marine Architect and the professional builder worked closely with a composites company to create this Ariki design using modern maintenance reducing materials. The hulls and decks are foam cored. The owner has handled the sloop rig singlehanded and even set the asymmetrical spinnaker on his own. She is as much an art-piece as she is a boat. As one Wharram sailor, who had sailed his Wharram Narai throughout the South Pacific said, " it’s nice to see a real catamaran come into the harbor". That sailor, Mark, is an artist as well. He teared up at her beauty. That’s how she effects sailors. Quite touching!

Other Features:

  • Surprising catamaran room and comfort
  • A very modern, complete sail plan that can be single handed.
  • Easy to service outboard engines that can be raised to reduce drag.
  • The bridge deck salon is spacious and comfortable in all weather.
  • Galley is modern and has all needed amenities. 
  • Massive solar power provides "off the grid" capabilities
  • Port AC can be powered with Portable Honda Generator
  • Recent survey shows $675,000 replacement value!!!!!!
  • Be sure to view the numerous videos of BAZINGA and Wharram Catamarans
  • BAZINGA is "Jones Act Compliant" which means it is available for use as a day or overnight charter vessel on US waters.
  • The open but sheltered deck is perfect for entertaining in all weather.
  • Surprisingly comfortable cabin space for guests.




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