2005 Catalina 310

Customer: Clay Dickinson

My experience with Matt began when he called me in response to some listings I had been interested on Massey’s website.
That call set the tone. I was about to go with another broker, when the patience, professionalism and, above all, sincerity that came through in Matt’s voice on the phone, I made the decision then and there to hire him. It proved to be the best decision I could have made. Matt listens – very carefully to his customers’ requirements. Then he actively searches out boats that meet those requirements. He goes above and beyond to deliver on everything he says he will do. If Matt says he will arrange X number of boats inspections or that he will summarize the results of those inspections, it will happen – usually within less than a day. He is an advocate for his clients, but he also recognizes that both buyer and seller have to come away feeling like they have won. This is how deals get done. The final thing I can that attests to having hired Matt as having been the best decision I could have made is that fact that he has gone above and beyond to help me deliver the boat from central Florida to Miami, to recommend other trusted partners, captains, etc. Matt has taken this nervous sailor – me – who is just getting reacquainted with the sport after more than three decades – and made me feel comfortable every
step of the way. When the time comes to sell this boat and move up, there is no one else I would even consider calling – this team is the best!

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