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The Massey marketing campaign is comprehensive and includes internet, boat shows, point of sale, direct mail and print advertising.  No one marketing effort will bring the desired result. There was a time when print advertising was the main way yacht purchasers learned which boats were for sale. Those days are long gone. The internet has singularly surpassed all other marketing vehicles in terms of finding the ideal yacht for purchasers or exposing yachts that are for sale to a varied and qualified audience.

Most boat buyers do their research on the internet, develop a short list of ideal boats and then work with their preferred broker to research and evaluate potential offerings. List Your Yacht with the Massey Team and you will receive not only comprehensive and professional internet exposure, but also a fully integrated marketing campaign supported by 40 years of selling experience.

Our comprehensive yacht listing marketing program includes:

  • Enhanced exposure on the Yachtworld site
  • Exposure in a variety of yacht MLS websites
  • Exposure on the Massey website
  • In-water or booth displays at numerous boat shows
  • A team approach to servicing customers insures availability to meet customer schedules
  • Sales events at our three marina dealership locations
  • Availability of discounted brokerage slips at our three marina locations
  • Selective print advertising in a wide variety of yachting enthusiast publications
  • Well developed central listings with a large variety of pictures
  • Mobile Brokers that greatly extend the coverage in markets away from our three marina locations
  • Boat builder leads, the majority of which are brokerage yacht prospects
  • Open for business 7 days a week
  • Professional closing coordinator
  • Preferred yacht financing programs thru Lending Associates

We have dedicated our professional lives to assisting yacht buyers and sellers for more nearly 4 decades. Massey Yacht Sales invests heavily in an effort to stay at the cutting edge of marketing. We have the experience, knowledge, focus, desire and professionalism to outperform our competitors.

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On The Road Again

Come see our adventures at the first boat show of 2019 at the Stuart Boat Show in Stuart, Florida. It’s a yachty town on the east coast straight across the state from Sarasota. We have an Massey Yacht Sales office in Stuart in the historic section on the St Lucie River.