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Massey Yacht Sales is continuing to expand the reach of their internationally recognized brand by recruiting, training and supporting FULL or PART TIME yacht sales agents from Maine to Miami and Key West to Kemah. All of our successful yacht sales agents are Independent Contractors working on a Commission Only income and have come from varied backgrounds including:

  • Active yacht sales professional searching for a better opportunity
  • Employed in some way or supporting the marine industry
  • A sales professional or boating enthusiast

If you are searching for a career change or a way to supplement your income we invite you to consider all that Massey Yacht Sales has to offer:

  • Full or Part Time Yacht Sales Positions Available
  • Ability to work from your home office or from one of our regional offices
  • Best Commission Splits in the industry
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support – Generating qualified leads for you
  • Back Office Support – Providing you with remote access to centralize database and all forms
  • Team Sales Support – Providing you access to a wealth of knowledge
  • Equity Building Retirement Plan – Build your business and then sell your equity
  • Unquestionable Integrity – Massey has been successfully serving our customers since 1977 “Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our success.”

Contact us to learn more about career opportunities with Massey Yacht Sales