2001 Catalina 320

Customer: John & Carrie Weiss

My wife and I made an excellent decision to enlist Matt Gosselin to sell our Catalina 320 sailboat after we met him at the Massey Booth at the Miami Boat Show. Out of all of the salespeople we encountered, we selected him to sell our boat because he was honest, not pushy and listened to us.

We were pleasantly surprised that it took less than four months from the time we hired Matt until the boat was under contract. Matt apologized for taking so long! Beyond all of the great things he did to accomplish the sale, Matt took care of our boat during the whole process. We live in Colorado and Matt checked the boat often and always responded to our calls. Matt even represented us by taking charge of the boat during the survey and sea trial.

From that chance meeting at the boat show and through the selling process, my wife and I have developed a friendship with Matt and his wife, Sadie. I have purchased and sold many vehicles, homes and a few boats over my lifetime and I can barely remember any of the people who I worked with, let alone develop a friendship.

Matt profile on Massey Yacht says that he has the simple approach of Integrity, Service and Excellence. He more than showed that and added Approachability, Knowledge and Commitment. We will definitely use his professional services to purchase our next boat and would recommend him to anyone buying or selling a boat.

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