2005 Mainship 400 Trawler

Customers: Ryan & Lara Grady, Naples FL

Ryan: My wife and I knew we wanted to live on a boat. We weren’t sure on the type or size, we only had a rough idea. After sifting through web pages for days and visiting a couple of boat shows we asked Matt and Sadie to help us find our future home. We finally narrowed down the search to a trawler. Matt and Sadie showed us trawlers all over Southeast and Southwest Florida. Because of my busy schedule we usually tried to look at several boats in a single day. There were frequently long drive times between boats which made for some long days for everyone. Matt and Sadie not only never complained but encouraged us to keep looking further and further out of our expected range. we never felt rushed. They genuinely wanted us to find the perfect boat. It was obvious that they enjoyed the experience almost as much as we did. There were also occasions where I wasn’t able to look at the boats, but my wife met with Matt. Matt made videos and it was almost as good as me being there. Ultimately, we wound up buying one of the boats that he had videoed for me. Customer service was spot on, they were also a pleasure to be around. My emails and questions were always answered within hours even at off times. It wasn’t about finding a boat fast, it was about finding the right boat. We have now lived on our Mainship Trawler for over three months and I feel like I’m on vacation every night when I get home. We love the boating lifestyle. We had a wonderful experience working with Matt and Sadie and are very pleased with our boat. Thanks guys!

Lara: Thanks to Massey Yacht Sales my husband and I were able to find the boat of our dreams! My husband and I have always wanted to live on a boat, but had very little direction as far as which make, model, and size we wanted to go with. My husband was busy with a new job during our boat “shopping around phase”, so it was up to me, a fairly non-experienced boater, to take notes to pass along to him. Working with Matt and Sadie Gosselin made all my worries virtually nonexistent. They had our (many) boat viewing days organized to a “T”, allowing for plenty of time to allow me to ask questions before, during, and after the viewings. They would take pictures and detailed videos for my husband to view later. They emailed us pros/cons lists and side notes for every boat we viewed, to the point where I wasn’t even needed at the viewings..though they made those appointments all about making me feel comfortable and sure that we took advantage of our time on each boat. They even watched our new puppy, letting me tour the boats without leaving her behind! Matt and Sadie used laymen’s terms to educate me on the unfamiliar boat terminology. I definitely came out of the Massey experience feeling much more boat-confident and even more excited to begin our “live aboard” lifestyle on our perfect boat! Thanks for everything Massey Yacht Sales!!!

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