2006 Beneteau 423, s/v TREKKER

Customer: Hugh & Michele Verkerk

I don’t typically pen testimonials, but would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about Matt Gosselin, our yacht broker, during the recent purchase of our 2006 Beneteau 423.

A little about me. With my eye on a circumnavigation and some adventure, I built my first boat when I was a 20-something young man, a Roberts 38, which was to be my home for almost 15 years. Subsequent to the Roberts, I bought a C&C Landfall 43, and lived and sailed on it for over 5 years. In between these two boats I have sailed on countless others.

Family commitments put a halt to my seafaring ways until recently and I decided to head back to sea once again. Over a period of two years or more I went through countless brokers and saw a myriad of different vessels and to say that this was a frustrating exercise would be putting it mildly and my opinion of the yacht brokerage business took a decidely negative stance.

All this changed, when through a series of events beyond my control, Matt Gosselin was introduced to me. I explained my needs and wants to Matt and he immediately understood what it was that I wanted and in short order several listings were presented for my review. Matt took it on his own to personally go out of his way to preview several of the listings on my behalf, thereby saving me the time and expense of traveling to go see these listings.

It did’nt take long for us to find our current boat, a 2006 Beneteau 423, and from there on it was but a matter of a few weeks to arrange for survey, sea trials and closing. It was as smooth and as pleasant as I imagined a yacht purchase ought to be.

Matt proved to be a godsend. His cheery and positive personality combined with his wealth of knowledge about sailboats and being a liveboard sailor himself provided all the magic ingredients every yacht broker should have. He has been available to us at all hours, without complaint, be it night or day, to respond to enquiries or otherwise provide guidance.

I realize this testimonial is a tad bit lengthy, but I would like you to know that both Matt and Massey Yachts have delivered a true seamless yacht brokerage experience.

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