2006 Cruisers 455 Motoryacht

Customer: George Vraney

I walked into Massey Yacht Brokerage one afternoon without great expectations. I had been looking for a boat to live aboard for some weeks. I met Ed Massey and from there my search changed directions. Ed became more of a mentor, tutor and guide as we wound our way through dozens of potential boats over the coming weeks. We toured the boats at boat shows and those on line. He helped me to understand the meaning of the word compromise in buying a boat.

Eventually we found what we both felt was the right boat at the right price. From there Ed saw that the sale went through without difficulties including such mundane matters as getting the dinghy registered. The previous owner was Canadian so that had not been done.

Since buying the boat Ed has continued to follow up with recommendations for contractors, maintenance people and other help as I settled in.

At this point I consider Ed a friend and much more than a broker. Did he make some money? You bet. Did he earn it? Definitely!

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