2008 Hunter 38

Customer: Bob and Barbara Harter

Last year my wife and I purchased a new Hunter 38. She has been a great boat.

We have been on the boat in our slip at The Harborage Marina since Friday night, and today needed to use the a/c due to the humidity. When we turned the air on, it ran for a few seconds before shutting down and giving us a high-pressure pump fail message at both units.

After confirming the raw water intake was open and the strainer was clean, I ran over to your sales office at the marina. Bill Wiard accompanied me back to the boat and in about 30 minutes of troubleshooting, Bill determined there was an air lock in the supply line to the pump.

He opened the pump at the impeller until water flowed out, reassembled the pump, and got us back up and running. It was hot and sticky below, so we were all sweating. We thanked Bill profusely, but wanted you to know how much we appreciate his assistance.

You have some great people working for you.

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