2009 Hunter 49 #186

Customer: Dan & Christy Beary

Kelly Bickford was exceptional to work with. While we were searching for a boat, we called several brokers. All the others just pushed their boats. Kelly helped find potential candidates, regardless of who was listing them. He then researched the various boats, and gave us good advice on the different possibilities. When we settled on a particular boat, he made it all happen. We really felt that Kelly was looking out for our best interests. We found that we could trust his judgement and his word.
Kelly’s efforts didn’t stop when we signed the papers. He helped us find a crew to move the boat and gave us welcome advice. He not only found a good deal on a life raft, he then drove it to the boat; an 8 hour round trip.
We enjoyed working with Kelly and highly recommend him.
Dan and Christy

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