2014 Catalina 445

Customer: Maurice Lebowitz

I purchased a Catalina 445 from Ed. I previously owned a Pearson 45 which is smaller and definitely less complicated. Buying it was the easiest part. ed spent hours going over the entire boat and also provided four days with a very knowledgeable couple for additional familiarization.

During the period of familiarization we stayed aboard the boat. Each morning I watched Ed check out each of his boats at the marina, not relegating it to another. I was really impressed he did daily rounds on his boats himself.

After we took delivery and returned to Miami, both my wife and I have repeatedly called upon Ed to answer questions, to get us out of self-engendered troubles and to explain how to use various aspects of our new boat. Ed has answered our calls not just during the day but also during weekends and evenings. He did what was needed to help us and in in remarkably good humor.

He has researched answers to our questions. He has advised us in adding additional equipment and also found an appropriate installer.

If Ed Massey is an example of the quality of the boat broker industry, it has a remarkably elevated plateau.

I was and am very impressed by Ed but more importantly feel secure that I have a person to go to for help!

The things I have written here I have told to people interested in buying a boat that I referred to Massey Yachts.

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