2016 Bavaria 360 Sport Coupe

Customers: Gary & Miriam, Miami FL

“We were interested in either a sale of our sailboat or a trade-in for a powerboat at the appropriate value. We also wanted a reasonably quick transaction. We interviewed several brokers and began to realize what we wanted was unique and not everyone understood. We were thankful and relieved when we met Matt (and Sadie). It was obvious they were the right people to guide us through this process. Although Matt is admittedly more of a “sailboat guy”, he immediately went to school on how trade-ins and the powerboat market operated, worked closely with Massey management, and was continually at our side while we went and looked at every possibility for our deal. Matt’s assessment of our sailboat and its value was insightful and helpful to get it ready for either outcome. His knowledge is deep but so is his enthusiasm for sailing and boating, and also for helping his clients. I can’t tell you how many times Matt said “I can do it” during the few months and many details it took for us to find and complete a deal. We traded in our beautiful Hunter 40’ for a Bavaria Sport Coupe and couldn’t be happier. Matt and Sadie took video as we pulled the new boat into the slip for the first time! It’s a cliche but Matt was more than a broker and we consider him and Sadie boating friends we’ll have forever.”

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