2018 Catalina 355

Customer: Jim Gordon

I want to let you know what a pleasant experience I had purchasing my new Catalina from Susan Opland at Massey Yacht Sales. As you know, I was a yacht broker for seven years in the 90’s. I have worked with a lot of brokers over the years, but I have never seen the level of service offered by Susan. Both before and after the sale. It was the service after the sale that impressed me the most. I still hear from Susan more than a year after I purchased my new Catalina, just to see how I’m enjoying the boat.

I first met her at the boat show two years earlier and she was very helpful every step of the way. Very professional and one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met in the business. Every time I had question that she couldn’t answer, she usually got back to me within 24 hours. Very impressive! I was quite happy with the level of services I received from her, quite often without even asking. Such as giving me updates when the boat was leaving the factory and arriving at the boat yard. She even took pictures for me of the boat being loaded off the trailer. Without even asking for it. Having been in the business before, I appreciate the service even more, because I know exactly how the business works.


Jim Gordon

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