Catalina 355

Customer: Hollis McCue

Dear, Ed, staff members and all of your many helpers,

I would like to take a few minutes to let you know how happy I am with my new Catalina 355. As you know I have had flirtations with sailing since growing up in a small old sailing town near Boston, but only became serious about it a couple of years ago, well after my early retirement.

Almost three years ago I bought myself a very well maintained older Catalina 30 and began a new exciting “journey” living on Florida’s Gulf coast. While my Catalina 30 was great, I had a dream of buying a band new larger boat. We met nearly a year ago and we began our chats about a new boat purchase.

From then on I was hooked on this beautiful new C 355 you had in your inventory. We had many conversations while I procrastinated on the purchase of the boat (and not once did I ever feel you were pressuring me.)

The boat is wonderful and I feel we have become sailing “buddies” during my long term decision making. I am on the boat as I write this note, which you should feel free to share with your colleagues or any potential buyers. The process from day one until I actually took ownership was truly flawless.

You helped me through the actual purchase in unusual ways, gave me a very fair trade in value for my C 30, and have provided OUTSTANDING counsel on every aspect of having this new boat. From my weekend calls, to providing me with an excellent captain/teacher, to showing/helping me to secure the boat during the hurricane threat, to convincing the Dock Master to give an easy and out slip for an old guy, and even how to use the head properly. LOL!

I am an EXTREMELY SATISFIED buyer and hope you know of my heart felt thanks to you and your very skilled staff.

-Hollis McCue

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