Everything to Know About Catalina Yachts: Your Quick Guide

Sailboats stretch across the United States. More than 11.8 million recreational vessels were registered in the United States in 2019.

Many different companies make these boats. Yet one company stands out from its competition: Catalina Yachts. Even experienced sailors with the resources to buy from many different companies return to Catalina for new boats.

Who exactly is Catalina Yachts? What are some of their most noteworthy models? Where can you buy one, and how do you go sailing on one?

Learning the answers to these questions can create an incredible sailing experience for yourself and your loved ones. Massey Yacht is your Catalina Expert and here is our quick guide.

The Basics of Catalina Yachts

Catalina Yachts has been in business since 1961. They have produced thousands of boats, but they specialize in mid-sized vessels. They are one of the largest manufacturers of American-designed and American-built yachts.

The main material of Catalina Yachts is fiberglass. This creates a sturdy structure that resists the wear and tear of ocean waves and salt.

The yachts are sailboats, meaning that they navigate through the wind. If you are more familiar with boats that use engines, you should become familiar with a sailboat before buying a Catalina yacht.


Catalina Yachts has three series of boats. The Sport Series comprises 8 to 27-foot long boats, which are best for a day of sailing. The Cruiser Series has 31 to 35-foot long boats, while the Ocean Series has 38 to 44-foot long boats. Some of the more popular models are as followed:

Catalina 315

The Catalina 315 is a 31-foot boat. This makes it a good choice for sailors who want a mid-sized boat that they can use for different purposes. They can sail on their own and have plenty of room, or they can take their family.

The 315 is designed to withstand the elements. The bulkhead is watertight and manufactured to avoid buckling after a collision. The mast support has load resolution features, keeping the sail upright during storms.

The accommodations are more modest on the 315 because it is a smaller boat. But it still has space for sleeping, preparing meals, and seating.

The boat has a modern plumbing and electrical system. You can shower with hot water, and you can adjust the cabin lights however you like.

Catalina 425

The Catalina 425 is an Ocean Series boat. It mixes some traditional sailboat elements with modern-day ones.

The 425 is a light boat that can travel through less powerful winds. The deck is designed for solo sailors, with a wide footwell and long cockpit benches.

Sail handling is so simple you can sail the 425 by yourself. The mainsheet on the sail is double-ended, making it hard to flip over or tear in the wind. You can sail at several knots and execute turns with plenty of space.

If you need an engine for support, the boat comes with a small diesel one. It powers a three-bladed propeller, helping you move forward against strong winds.

The accommodations on the boat are generous. The dinette is large and provides a great view of the ocean at the portside. You can convert the dinette into a large double berth so eight people can sleep together.

Catalina 545

The Catalina 545 is a full-sized cruiser. It is over 55 feet long, making it good for the ocean and long-term sailing.

The design of the 545 incorporates a collar, replacing the traditional hull/deck joint. This makes the boat sturdier and allows for ocean water to drain off the deck of the boat.

The boat contains a conventional electrical system with breakers that are easy to fix. If you want to store batteries on the boat, you can with a large battery bank.

The cockpit is designed for easy access. The seats and deck are at the same level so you can move in and out without tripping on the floor. Handrails are easy to grip, decreasing the chances of a fall on deck.

The accommodations can provide room for eight people across two separate seating and sleeping areas. The owner’s cabin is also very spacious, including a reading nook.

Sailing Tips

You can sail on Catalina yachts while following basic tips on how to sail a sailboat. You should first find the right boat for you.

Browse a few different options, walking on deck and then taking the boats out for tests. Read reviews online about different boats. Then go to a leading Sarasota boat dealer and buy the boat you want.

Spend plenty of time familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of your boat. During your first few sails, stay close to shore. As you grow in confidence, you can start taking your boat out into more open water.

If you have a lightweight or small Catalina yacht, you should learn how to avoid capsizing. Do not go near shallow water or reefs. Put up a storm sail when you are going out in the wind or rain.

Practice tying a few knots. The bowline is one of the most common knots to secure sails and swinging objects. But you should learn how to tie a true stopper knot, which can prevent a line from slipping through a block.

Sailboats for Sale

Catalina Yachts is one of the most dependable yacht companies. With 60 years of experience, they have produced sturdy and comfortable vessels.

You don’t have to break the bank buying a boat.

Massey Yacht Sales is your Nation Leading Catalina Broker. Ask us more today!