Hunter 49

Customer: Navindra Ramdath

It was a bright, sunny, hot, and beautifully humid July afternoon in Palmetto Florida when we walked into Ed Massey’s office with our two toddlers in tow. We had recently moved back to Florida from 14 time zones away and the children were, well, adjusting. Additionally, we declared that we were looking for a sailing yacht for the purpose of living aboard! Oh, and we had never been boat owners before. Without batting an eyelash, Ed got to work getting to know us, our wants, needs, and started both finding us the perfect vessel, and showing us why it was for our purposes. Two months later, with Ed navigating us through every question and step imaginable (and a few we couldn’t even think of) we closed on our home and have been happily living aboard since. He proved to be one of those well knowledgable, highly respected, and well connected people in his field that you want on your team. It was truly a pleasure to work with him.

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