Massey Yacht: Catalina Experts

It is estimated that each year, one hundred million people in the United States participate in some kind of boating activity. In the year 2020, annual sales of boats, marine equipment, and marine services in the United States reached an amazing $49.3 billion. The passion for seafaring that is so firmly rooted in American history is reflected in the fact that 95 percent of these maritime boats were crafted in the United States.

Catalina Yachts

Catalina Yachts, headquartered in Florida, has made important contributions to the maritime industry. Catalina Yachts has made a name for itself in the production boat industry by producing yachts that have a reputation for converting owner input into a mantra.

The team at Massey Yachts are well knowledgeable on the subject of Catalina. Since 1978, they have successfully operated a company that specializes in the selling and outfitting of new Catalina boats.

Massey Yacht Sales and Services

Since both Catalina Yachts and Massey Yacht Sales and Services are both located on the Gulf coast of Florida, Ed Massey has spent years learning the ins-and-outs of Catalina in-person. With this experience the Massey Yacht team is familiar with every aspect of the Catalina’s construction, from bow to stern. The dissemination of such information is an integral component of the services Massey Yachts provides to those looking for a Catalina yacht.

The Catalina 425

The Catalina 425 is a fantastic cruising boat that can take you almost everywhere in comfort, safety, and yes, even speed and flair. It is the culmination of her designer’s decades of experience in the design and building of boats, and it is a yacht that has been constructed over the course of many years. The Best Boats accolade that she was given by SAIL is one that she really deserved.

The Catalina 425 has an appearance that, despite its sleekness, beauty, and modern character, is a little bit more traditional than it is flamboyant. This is because the Catalina 425 was designed by Catalina Yachts. It does not have many of the features that are commonly available on many of the cruisers that are now in production in their respective categories.

Catalina has a long-standing reputation for building boats that include cockpits that are among the very finest in the industry, and the 425 is not an exception to this rule.

Ocean-going cruisers with the greatest expertise may sometimes refer to enormous cockpits as a possible safety hazard; nonetheless, for 99.9 percent of sailors, a big cockpit is a benefit 99.9 percent of the time. In this regard, the 425 is the preferable option.

The immovable middle table serves as a comfortable handhold or footpush and also has built-in storage for a refrigerator. The distinctive stern pulpit chairs that are unique to the Catalina provide passengers a better perspective as well as more sitting space. The starboard bench seat, which can be converted into a double-berth lounger, is an ingenious and opulent addition to the vessel. The presence of two steering wheels makes it simple to navigate the cockpit.

Massey Yacht, Your Catalina Experts

When it comes to yacht sales, and buying a Catalina yacht, there can only be one place to go, Massey Yacht Sales. The actual power of Massey rests in its sales force, administrative and service department, as well as its access to the most qualified subcontractors the market has to offer. The formation of these teams and the establishment of these connections took quite a few years. As a result of the expansion of the Mobile Broker locations, Massey is increasing the size of its sales crew.

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