Ovation 52

Customer: Scott Wood

I am writing this review for Ed Massey Yachts after this vessel brokerage, and specifically Ed Massey himself, have helped me purchase two boats and sell another. When making a significant purchase or sale such as this, there are a lot of moving parts and you are very emotionally involved in the transaction . Either you are purchasing a craft with the expectations of years of enjoyment, or you are selling a beloved vessel that you have created many memories onboard. Because of these factors, the person representing you in the transaction is very important. Ed Massey is the ideal broker for any boat transaction for several reasons.

Firstly , his knowledge of boats in unmatched. He brings decades of experience to the table, but more than that, you can tell that he loves watercraft. It is clear in a few minutes after meeting him that his love of boats fuels his continuous thirst for knowledge about every brand and manufacturer of watercraft . When I was purchasing my first yacht, Ed knew everything about the boat, the story of how the company was started and its history. This knowledge he paired with advice about buying a yacht for which the manufacturer had gone out of business, especially tips about how to get parts and service. Being well informed is the key to making good decisions and Ed Massey has no peers in this regard.

Second, Ed Massey’s communication skills are top notch . Throughout the three boat transactions I have completed with Ed he has been a patient and ever-present guide. I felt completely up to date on every facet of the transaction as Ed provided emails, texts, and phone calls concerning all updates and progressions of the sale or purchase. Whenever I had a question or a concern, Ed was there to talk me through it and assuage my concerns. His vast network of connections in the boating industry allows him to reach out when he does not directly know the answer, which is rare, and get back to you with a competent response in short order. Because the purchase and sale of a boat is such a big moment in one’s life, it is so relieving to have someone with vast amounts of knowledge and connections right at your side through the whole process.

Finally, the commitment that Ed shows his clients is the definition of above and beyond. When Ed tells you that he is there for you till the end of the transaction and beyond, he truly means it . In an age where integrity and thoroughness are very hard to find, Ed Massey and his team at Ed Massey Yachts have it in spades. An example of his commitment to his client comes from the sale of my yacht, which I also purchased with Ed . We had a conditional acceptance of Vessel closing with several repairs needed after the buyer paid for the yacht. Ed stayed with me, even after he was paid for the sale, for three months and assisted me with finding contractors from his vast network, calling service guys for me, dealing with the new buyer, and providing me with competent advice about how to deal with this situation which was compounded by the supply chain difficulties Ed was there, eager to help me see this transfer through to the very end.

Over the time I have worked with Ed Massey, I can truly say that I consider him a friend and trust him completely with all my boat needs. There is not a better man or company to trust your dreams of boat ownership to, and when you are looking to move onto the next vessel, he is right there, ready to help you get the price you want for your old boat. 5 stars just does not cover what Ed provides his clients; you really need to experience it for yourself.

Regards, Scott Wood

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