The Best Way to Sail in 2022

Sailing offers a unique blend of challenge and relaxation, but the physical cost can take its toll on most sailors. Fortunately, as sailing technology and innovation improve, more people can experience the joys of life on the water.

Sailboats are still available for sailing in 2022, but advancements in design and engineering have dramatically increased speed and ease of use. They also offer a smoother ride than ever before. There’s no need for a mainsail or a jib, which can now be controlled via a motor or remotely.

Catalina Yachts are perfect for this type of sailing experience. Their modern styling works seamlessly with today’s technology, while their performance proves that they aren’t simply catching up to the 21st century.

The Catalina 315 is one example of this new design trend. This yacht has a sleek profile, but the hull shape is surprisingly stable in choppy conditions. The unique wing-mast design provides incredible flexibility. The carbon fiber mast can rotate on its center axis, allowing sailors to orient it in any direction they desire at the push of a button.

Now, let’s look at the trends you can expect to see in 2022.

Getting Started with Wind Power

Sailboats can harness the power of the wind to glide across the water, but they are relatively slow. As technology advances, sailors will experience an entirely new type of speed with electric-powered catamarans. These vessels will combine power sources to use solar energy when there is ample daylight and wind power at night or when a passing cloud blocks the sun.

Using these power sources simultaneously will provide an incredible amount of energy. Experts estimate that eco-friendly catamarans hold the potential to go nearly ten times faster than other boats.

Cutting Through the Waves in a Hydrofoil

In 2022, catamarans might also be powered by hydrofoils. Underwater wings lift the hull out of the water when sailing at full speed in these sleek vessels. This allows sailors to travel over waves instead of through them.

Hydrofoils reduce drag and keep everything from excess spray to noise pollution to a minimum. They also make catamarans incredibly fast, and as technology advances, they will become even faster. Meanwhile, traditional sailboats will be getting an eco-friendly boost of their own.

More Electric Boats

If you haven’t already seen electric-powered ships coming into the market, you’ll see them more often in 2022. The switch to wind and solar power is happening now because diesel engines pollute too much.

However, as batteries become stronger and cheaper over the next decade, we will see more electric-powered ships on the water. Electric boats also provide a relatively quiet ride that many sailors enjoy. This means that they will be better for the environment and safer for sailors around them because they can go much further without refueling.

Some Cats Will Be Autonomous by 2022!

Autonomous sailing catamarans are advancing rapidly. By 2022, sailors will program their vessels to sail on their own. These boats may even come with features like obstacle avoidance and multi-hull stabilization when in autopilot mode.

Satellites provide the connection that allows these smart catamarans to steer clear of dangerous situations without sailor input.

Think Outside the Boat

If you’ve ever had to deal with a stubborn mast or release tangled ropes, then you know that there’s always room for improvement in the sailing world. Fortunately, this is one trend you can expect to continue for sailing in 2022.

As technology advances, sailors will enjoy more freedom on the water. This means more time for relaxation and less time spent untangling ropes or dealing with difficult masts. We will also see more tapering of lines, reducing drag while still ensuring that sailors can control their vessels with ease.

Carbon Fiber Construction Will Continue to Dominate

In 2022, builders will continue to use carbon fiber to construct strong masts and booms that can bend and rotate with a button push. These materials are lighter than aluminum but just as sturdy, so they won’t add any weight to vessels while preventing them from being blown over in high winds.

You’ll also see more carbon fiber used in the construction of hulls, which will result in responsive catamarans that can cut through waves with ease.

All-Inclusive Sailing Trips

Because of the increasing popularity of sailing as a hobby, many new boat manufacturers will be popping up. These entrepreneurs will sell everything from high-end catamarans to entry-level boats that families can use for fishing and pleasure cruises.

The goal is to make it easy for people who have never sailed before to get out on the water. Active sailors will also enjoy new kinds of trips that will allow them to explore under the sea and sail through the skies because, in 2022, sailing will blend seamlessly with other sports like snowboarding and scuba diving.

Going Where You Want with Satellite Tracking

In the past, sailors were limited by where they could go because they had to see land in the distance. Thanks to satellite tracking in 2022 that will no longer be a problem.

These systems will allow sailors to find calm waters even when spotting land is not possible and monitor weather patterns to avoid storms and other dangerous conditions. Satellite tracking will also make it easier for sailors to record their trips and share the highlights with friends and family.

The Future of Sailing

The year will bring several new developments in the world of sailing. Some boats will have engines that run primarily on solar power to go for days without refueling, and sailors will be able to control them with a push of a button from miles away. Other boats will come with obstacle avoidance and multi-hull stabilization when in autopilot mode.

Meanwhile, carbon fiber will continue to be used to construct masts and booms that can bend and rotate with a push of a button, allowing sailors to spend more time relaxing on the water instead of untangling ropes or dealing with rugged masts.

Thanks to all-inclusive trips that will enable sailors to explore the world and merge sailing with other activities like scuba diving and snowboarding, you will see more active sailors than ever before.