Regardless of recommendations to “stop and smell the roses,” many of us are unable to break the bonds of the effective marketing voices that whisper in our ears, “Consume. Consume.”

Residing on a boat the size of an efficiency apartment lessens the appeal of owning things for the sake of owning them. In addition to breaking out of the consumer mindset, yacht living offers simplicity and less stress than your typical brick and mortar home on land.

Here are some of the reasons why living on your yacht is better than living on land.

Yacht Living Can Be An Upgrade to Your Lifestyle and a Downgrade on Accumulated Junk

On his blog site Living-Aboard, Mike Miller writes that, as a water local, “you will eliminate all of your furniture and most of your books, knick-knacks, and art” in addition you’ll “learn to cook dozens of varieties of one-pot meals” and “keep your closet to a minimum. Life is more laid-back on the water than it is in a land-based existence.”

Water denizens claim to be happy to have only 2 sets of shoes, some t-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, two sets of jeans, a couple of sweaters, a windbreaker, a light jacket, and a drawer of underwear. The majority of people living on houseboats, yachts, or floating houses are part of a water neighborhood. 

Kim Brown, another long time living on the water enthusiast says, “Lots of liveaboards like being a part of a neighborhood of people who are enthusiastic about their lifestyle”.

Living on a Yacht Lets You Do More of What You Love More Often

Do you love to fish? Imagine being able to step onto your front porch and drop a line in the water. You can have a catch on your hook and in the pan before the sun clears the horizon.

There is a relationship you’ll have to nature that you simply can’t recreate living in a conventional home. Proximity to a wild and natural environment, however, also has its drawbacks, but many liveaboards don’t mind them. 

Those who berth their boats in areas susceptible to the periodic thunderstorm claim to love the sound of raindrops pattering on the deck.

Rainy weather conditions are a chance to gather rainwater and strengthen their freshwater materials (although using filters and water filtration tablets to make sure cleanliness and pureness is advised). And everyone knows that fishing is always much better in the rain. 

The Health Benefits to Living on The Water

According to research by psychology professor Gene Alexander and anthropology teacher David Raichlen, lack of exercise is genetically connected to Alzheimer’s and heart disease. 

Regrettably, our modern-day sedentary lifestyle implies that many Americans seldom have to do enough, if any at all, manual labor. As an effect, we spend billions of dollars each year on health club subscriptions, physical fitness classes, and workout masters.

Liveaboards typically walk more than land-based property owners due to the ranges from their berths to trash bin, supplies, and other necessities. The majority of people with homes on the water don’t own automobiles, selecting instead to walk, bike, or count on public transport to move around the cities where they moor. 

Life on a boat requires extending and flexing to reach items always stored in less-accessible spaces, helping them preserve versatility.

Many on-the-water property owners delight in the tinkering and exercise needed by surviving on the water, especially because it happens in the great outdoors. Where else are you likely to draw a pod of dolphins or a colony of seagulls to applaud your efforts?

The Financial Benefits of Living Aboard Your Yacht

Owning property on land is an expensive prospect. You’ll be subject to property taxes, mortgage payment, sewage and trash charges, and more. If something goes wrong the repairs are incredibly expensive and take a full team of experts and sometimes months to repair.

Meanwhile, living aboard your boat will cut your living expenses in half. You’ll pay far less to live on your yacht, especially if it’s already paid off than you will be paying on a 30-year mortgage note. You’re going to save money on electricity and water. 

While you’re giving up some room you’ll be gaining a lot in money back in your pocket.

Living on The Water is The Relaxing Escape That Many Dream of

Does this sound like the ideal way of life for you? Are you ready to say goodbye to the huge expense and responsibility of conventional homeownership?

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