Top Yachting Destinations in Florida

Can you believe that around 100 million people go boating every year across the country?

While there are plenty of states that have phenomenal yachting destinations, nobody can deny that the Sunshine State has a little extra magic than anywhere else. Whether you live in Florida or you’re planning on taking an incredible vacation soon, it’s always worth spending some time out on the water.

Are you on the hunt for the best place to yacht in Florida? Keep reading our guide that breaks down some of the finest locations this state has to offer.


When most people think of yachting in Florida, Miami is often one of the first places that comes to mind. This city has some of the most famous beaches in the whole world, so the views are bound to be spectacular.

The Florida Keys

No Florida boating experience would be complete without touring the Keys and getting to know the mystical Everglades. The Keys are just south of Miami, so you can explore both locations with ease. The Florida Keys feel like a hidden gem because they’re tucked away from the mainland.

St. Petersburg

If you ever find yourself on the western side of the Sunshine State, then make sure you spend some time in the St. Petersburg area. This is another one of the best boating destinations in Florida since it’s situated on the Gulf of Mexico rather than the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy crystal-clear water and gentle waves.


Northern Florida is home to some awesome boating areas as well. Jacksonville is another major city with lots to love. Jacksonville hosts several fishing contests and waterfront festivals throughout the year, so try to time your visit so you can catch one of these spectacular events.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale may only be a little farther up north from Miami, but this city is special enough to deserve its own spot on this Florida yachting list. It’s been called both the yachting capital of the world and the Venice of America. Since over 50,000 people keep their yachts there, you can feel good about venturing through this region.


Are you looking for some Florida yachting destinations closer to the panhandle? If so, make sure that Destin is at the top of your list. Destin is known for its pristine shorelines, “Crab Island” sandbar, and oceanside restaurants that provide docking for diners coming in by sea.

You’ve Got to Check Out These Yachting Destinations in Florida

It’s easy to see that Florida is the home of countless gorgeous yachting destinations. No matter which locations you choose from this list, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

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