3 Interesting Facts About Catalina Yachts

How much do you know about yachts?

Probably not too much if you aren’t invested in the yacht industry. The stigma around them is that they’re mainly for those with lavish lifestyles, mostly due to their price.

But if buying (or selling) one is on your bucket list someday, you’ll want to know some interesting things about different types of yachts. One of the more popular boats are Catalina yachts.

If you want to learn more, keep reading for three interesting facts about Catalina yachts.

1. The Inventor Built the First Catalina… After Losing His Job?

The first recorded model of a Catalina yacht is the Catalina-22. It went on to become one of the most popular styles of boats around the time, with almost 20,000 built.

The manufacturer of said boat was inventor and engineer Frank Butler. Alongside his partners Sharon Day and Gerry Douglas, they would craft several thousand models of this boat. Eventually, it proved to be too much work, yet they still ended up making more models such as the Catalina-27.

Interestingly, Butler invented the blueprint for the boat just a while after he was terminated from a contract with Whitaker. The latter of which is the company he sold his own boat-making business (Coronado Yachts) to.

A few years passed and Butler could not make any more boats due to a non-competition agreement. Yet in 1961, he began formulating the Catalina-22. In 1970, it was completed.

2. The Boats Are Named After an Island

There were three choices for Butler to name the Catalina boat after. He was in Europe a bit before he finished the blueprint and after his firing. Because of the contract with Whitaker, he obviously couldn’t name the boats as a “Coronado Yacht” due to, well, copyright.

So there were three options: Coronado, Capri, and Catalina.

Catalina just rolls off the tongue so nicely and fits the yacht very well as a name. So then was birthed the name “Catalina Yachts!”

The name has since been a welcoming sound to hear among many boat-enthusiasts. There’s even a dedicated Catalina island yacht club!

3. Catalina Yachts Are Both Durable and Affordable

So earlier we mentioned how yachts can really run up a hefty price depending on the model and year. Some of which can really leave a person in debt if they aren’t smart with how they use or buy one.

You can get these boats from Catalina yachts store for a pretty reasonable price. They’re quite inexpensive compared to similar types of boats.

But the Catalina yacht club doesn’t just praise these boats for their price; these are also pretty sturdy vehicles too! They’re built to survive real-world travel conditions and perform fairly well.

Put these two together, and you get a yacht that’s durable and costs less to maintain. Convinced yet? Check out our Catalina yachts for sale here!

Getting Your Hands on a Catalina Yacht

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