Important Equipment for Sailing Yachts

Question: are you aware of how easy it is to get lost at sea while sailing? The chances are pretty high, and if it happens, you’ll be in loads of trouble.

You can prevent getting lost at sea while yacht sailing by investing in the right sailing equipment. Having the necessary gear will also help you in case you do get lost.

If you’re a new boat owner or looking to own a boat soon, here is a short guide on the important equipment for sailing yachts.

The Right Things to Wear

Sailing a yacht requires a specific type of attire, especially if you’re the one driving the boat. Clothes that are appropriate for the climate you’re in are a good start. If things are hot and humid, there’s not much reason for you to be wearing, say, a fur coat.

Simple clothing is the best for sailing if you’re just taking a light ride or tagging along with a group of people. You’ll need additional gear if you’re handling the boat, such as:

  • sailing gloves
  • slip proof shoes
  • canvas sailing belt

The boat owner should always be able to provide foul weather gear just in case things get stormy out on the ride. Having foul weather gear can really make or break the experience, and in some cases even prevent unwanted accidents.

Those who wish to go pro sailing will also need sailing hats, sailing trousers, a dry suit for cold weather, a sailing jacket, and water shoes.

Last but not least, life vests or life jackets should always be provided.

Tools You’ll Need While Sailing

You’ll need to keep handy a specific set of tools for whenever you’re out sailing. Some of these items will most definitely prove useful, whereas others are there just as a safety precaution.

You’ll first need a first aid kit just in case anything unforeseen happens while on your trip. This should be filled with the essentials to help with any minor to mid-level injury or illness.

Next is a knife. Any sailor should have a durable knife thick enough to cut through thick rope or wire. Having multiple on hand might prove useful as well.

Life assistance devices such as buoys or rescue tubes should be used just in case someone goes overboard. On the topic of going overboard, a whistle or headlight (can be attached to hats) can signify when someone goes into the water.

Here is some additional gear you’ll need:

  • Binoculars
  • Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  • Sailing watch + Compass
  • Captain’s log
  • Fishing gear
  • License and certification for the skipper
  • Emergency radio
  • Flares

If you plan to go fishing, you’ll definitely want to bring that gear with you as well!

Essential Sailing Equipment If You Own a Boat

There are also some sailing essentials you’ll need even if not on the water. These are mostly maintenance related.

An anchor and rode are necessary to keep the boat in place, whether on water or near a port. Coastal and offshore sailing will also require a harness and tether that can attach someone to the boat in case of going overboard.

The boat’s cockpit requires specific gear as well: wind vane/wind meter, compass deviation card, boat maintenance log, toolkit, cockpit mayday procedure card, multimeter, heaving line, and a barometer.

All other sailing gear for yachts are specific to your boat’s model and brand.

Additional Supplies

While not necessary, these are some items that might be super useful when going sailing!

  • Dry bag to protect important items
  • Electronics for entertainment and navigation
  • Toiletries
  • Food and drink

You’ll also want to keep important paperwork on you. This includes certifications and IDs. Also, a passport if going through international waters.

Starting With the Basics: Getting a Yacht

We hope this short guide helped you get acquainted with some of the essential sailing equipment! You’ll need these (and maybe more) if you go yacht sailing. But first, you’ll want to get a yacht.

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