Top 5 Fun Things to Do on Yachts

In Florida, in May of 2020, new boat sales—including yachts—reached their highest point in a decade.

All summer following that, sales continued to stay high. Seventy-three percent of boat dealers reported higher-than-normal growth in August, too.

This craze was partly driven by the pandemic. Boating and sailing offered a reprieve from staying indoors, allowing people to have tons of fun in the safety of their water vehicles.

Whether you’re a new yacht owner or looking to get in on the trend, keep reading. We mention some of the most fun things to do on yachts—you’ll never get bored!

1. Reel in Fish

Ask any Tampa Bay resident and they’ll tell you that fishing in the Gulf is one of their favorite pastimes.

Now, take fishing on the pier and give it an upgrade—fishing from the comforts of your yacht.

Tampa Bay is home to the state’s largest open estuary, holding over 200 species of fish in its 400 square miles. Thanks to its access to the Gulf, its temperate climate, and its dozens of freshwater feeds, you’re almost guaranteed to catch something.

And when you do, consider grilling it right there on your Catalina!

2. Take a Dip

As anyone who takes their boat sailing in the Florida summer knows, temperatures can get up there.

One of the best ways to naturally cool off is by anchoring your yacht and enjoying a swim. As you cruise the open waters, use your depth gauge to find appropriate places to stop and relax.

Floridians know the access to private islands is unmatched, providing you with endless opportunities to tie up and enjoy the waves. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might pitch a tent and stay overnight!

3. Snorkel With the Fish

Of course, you can take swimming up a notch by bringing along your fins, goggles, and snorkel.

If fishing’s not your thing, but you still want the chance to see all the fish species Tampa has to offer, don’t forget about snorkeling. It’s a family-friendly activity that everyone can participate in—no diving license required.

As long as you have the gear, you’re good to go.

4. Take a Cruise at Sunset

Sunset sailing is unbeatable.

One of the major perks of living in Florida is its epic sunsets. Unfortunately for some, they have to view them from the Howard Frankland bridge as they drive home from work, or through the window of their apartment.

Not you!

Take a look at your weather app to see when the sun’s setting, then set sail about an hour early, giving you enough time to find your perfect viewing spot. Let the cotton candy sky be a backdrop to your dinner, movie, or bottle of wine.

5. Have a Beer (Or Two)

Speaking of libations . . .

Partying on-ground is nothing like partying on a yacht. Get your closest friends together, grab some local brews (Reef Donkey, anyone?), and enjoy a day or night on the water.

(Of course, don’t forget to have a DD!)

Bring plenty of snacks and water to keep your crew hydrated, and—most importantly—have fun.

Yachts Offer Endless Pos-Sea-Bilities

If you don’t own a yacht yet, this small peek at the fun things you can do is sure to have you signing a lease.

Depending on the boat you get, you can add waterskiing, wakeboarding, SCUBA diving, and more to this list.

At Massey Yacht Sales & Service, we’ve got the yachts you need to make all your dreams a reality.

Contact us to see how we can help you secure a boat today—just in time for summer!