Everything You Need To Know About Yachting in 2022

Yachting is an incredible experience that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors comprising soft ocean waves, cool sea breeze, ocean waves, and the marine ecosystem. It also helps improve cardiovascular and mental health, increase stamina, and help reduce your anxiety levels.

If yachting is your hobby and you prefer a luxury lifestyle, consider purchasing a yacht. However, buying a yacht is not a light decision since you should consider your budget, intended experience, carrying capacity, and sailing destinations. Below is a beginner’s guide to help when purchasing a yacht.

Select the Right Yacht

When purchasing a yacht, your top consideration should be its end-use, i.e., fishing or leisure sailing, and the cruising destinations. You should also consider the people you will be sailing with; it could be a group of experienced sailors or your family member.

To help you decide on the above factors, do thorough research by going for yacht cruising holidays, charter boats to help you understand your liking and preferences, attend yacht shows, and seek guidance from experts. The information will help you decide on the right yacht to purchase.

Consider Your Budget

Buying a yacht involves more than the purchase payment as it includes extra costs like ownership and operating fees, insurance, mooring, and maintenance costs. Additionally, you have to consider whether your budget allows you to buy a brand new or a pre-owned yacht.

Contact a reputable yacht sales company to guide you on the different models and sizes and propose some which fall within your budget. Before purchasing, make time and visit the showroom or marina to inspect the yacht, manage a pre-purchased survey, and negotiate for a great deal.

Settle the Financing and Paperwork

Once you have settled on a yacht, tested it out on the sea, and confirmed it’s okay, it is time to finalize the financing and paperwork. Before closing the deal, have a professional survey with an insurance company because most will only insure a yacht after inspecting it and understanding its condition.

Additionally, have a drafted contract that highlights the right and obligations of both parties. The agreement will help solve any issues that may arise in the future. You should also confirm the yacht’s value-added tax (VAT) status and receive the original invoice. That is essential if you may need to sell the boat later. Once you have completed the surveys and made the payment, you will receive proof of ownership.

Take Sailing Lessons

Sailing, especially cruising a yacht, is not easy without sailing knowledge. You need to take sailing lessons to guide you on how to handle a yacht in challenging situations such as turbulent waves and high tides, windy conditions, and navigating it in the open sea and high boat traffic waters.

After the training, you’ll receive a safe boating certificate to show that you successfully took the course and can operate a yacht legally and safely.


A yacht is a considerable investment, and therefore you have to take your time to get the right boat and avoid future regrets.

If you live in Flo Rida, Catalina, or Tampa Bay, contact Massey today to speak to an expert sales representative and learn more about buying a yacht for a luxurious and fulfilling cruising experience.