Why Yacht Maintenance Is Important

Yachts are part of the imagery of wealth and comfort. However, much like any image, it requires maintenance.

It’s not always the Florida sun on your cheeks and the wind in your hair. You have a huge vessel that’s constantly exposed to the sun, wind, water, and debris. If you want to keep sipping mimosas on your deck, routine upkeep is a must.

Yacht maintenance is part of yacht ownership. So before you frown at the extra work, keep reading to find out why.

Prolonging Your Yacht’s Life and Maintaining Efficiency

From Tampa Bay to the Mediterranean Sea, you can’t take water out of the picture. Every trip out in the open waters takes a toll on your yacht’s lifespan. This is because water, especially saltwater, is quite corrosive.

You can, however, minimize its damage. Do this by:

  • Regularly cleaning the hull and deck
  • Checking for rust, scratches, mold, and mildew
  • Testing the batteries
  • Maintaining the integrity of the railings
  • Flushing the motor after use
  • Checking the fuel tank
  • Properly storing and winterizing
  • Getting your yacht serviced annually

Proper yacht maintenance can mean the difference between a lifespan of years and a lifespan of decades. So stick to this checklist religiously if you want to prolong the number of years to the quality of use.

Legal Regulations for Yacht Maintenance

The US Code (46 U.S.C. 4310) details all the requirements regarding defects on a recreational vessel and associated equipment.

As a yacht owner, your legal obligations go beyond sailing license and permits. It’s also your responsibility to ensure your vessel is safe and seaworthy.

Improved Safety for Passengers

The condition of your yacht directly impacts the safety of your passengers. Before you even start planning or sending out invites, make sure to do a thorough check-up.

Check for any damages that need fixing. Consider doing a full systems check from fuel, batteries, navigation devices, and all the way to air conditioning.

Also, make sure all amenities and safety equipment are operational. A good host provides food, water, and life jackets. And keep a first aid kit handy.

Saving Yourself from Repairs or Replacement

Luxury always comes at a price. In the case of yachts, that price varies greatly depending on your maintenance. A couple of hundred dollars on hull cleaning can quickly turn into a repair job worth thousands.

This is why routinely monitoring the condition of your yacht is key. You want to look out for even small scratches, cracks, and rust buildup. By staying on top of these seemingly small issues, you can prevent larger, more expensive repairs.

Still, count yourself lucky if the damage is repairable. The abuse from lack or poor maintenance can pile up to irreparable damage.

Maintenance Maintains Luxury

You know the drill: “prevention is better than cure.” This goes for both your yacht and yourself.

A fun Saturday outing could quickly take a turn for the worst. Hence, keeping up with your yacht’s maintenance is money spent on preventing more expensive consequences. That could mean your yacht’s repair or hospital bills.

Convinced? If you’re looking for help with your yacht maintenance, feel free to contact us here!