Why Owning a Yacht Provides the Ultimate Getaway

Vacationing on a yacht opens up new worlds. The flexibility and adventure yachts provide are unparalleled. Whether you are sure you are ready to invest in a yacht of your own or are just beginning to explore the option, there are a few things to consider.

Yachts Allow You to Control Your Trip

Sailing is a great way to escape the crowds. It is hard to think of anything more relaxing than the open water. However, you may want to visit a nice restaurant or do some shopping or dancing while on vacation. Yachts give you the best of both worlds.

With your own yacht, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a sailing adventure, combined with excursions on land when you want a little more hustle and bustle. You may find you have more energy and desire for activities on vacation, due to the privacy and relaxation you enjoy on your yacht.

Security and Privacy are Part of the Trip

It is common to struggle with finding the perfect accommodations for your vacation travel. Even if you know exactly where you want to go and what type of activities you want to participate in, finding a place to stay can be a challenge. Hotels, condos, and other rentals are an option, but you often need to compromise.

If you plan to travel to a particular event, finding the perfect place to stay can be even more challenging. Quality accommodations book early, making it difficult for those who enjoy spontaneity.

No Limit to Your Choices

Investing in a vacation home gives you a place to set up for your own comfort and keep exactly as you like, but you are limited to the location of the home. Yachts provide you with the comforts of a vacation home while allowing you to explore the world. You may find you enjoy sailing familiar waters or, perhaps, you decide on longer trips to more exotic waters.

Sailing is Fun

There are plenty of practical reasons why owning a yacht can be a great investment, but don’t overlook the fact that sailing is great fun. If you have never been sailing, you may worry that the learning curve is too much, but nothing could be further from the truth. Novice sailors are always welcome at sailing schools, or you can easily hire a skipper to handle everything. Don’t let your inexperience hold you back.

Ready to Get Started?

Interested in making your next trip a sailing vacation? If you are in Tampa Bay or the surrounding areas of Florida, get in touch. We are Catalina experts but have many other makes and models available. We can help you decide what size would best meet your needs, or, if you know what you want, we can help you find it.

Worried about cost? Don’t discount owning a yacht too quickly. They can be surprisingly affordable, particularly when you take in the cost of similar accommodations on land.

Contact us today to start your yacht buying and selling journey!