Welcome to Tampa Bay!

Whether you live here or are just visiting, you should really consider taking up yachting as a seaside recreation activity. Since Tampa actually is a bay, what better way to make use of it than boating around on the beautiful water?

Places to Keep Your Yacht

The first thing you probably want to know before getting a yacht is where you can keep it in the Tampa Bay area. Since Tampa is on the water, there is no shortage of marinas!

Here are a few:

  • St. Petersburg Municipal Marina
  • Harborage Marina in St. Pete
  • Tampa Bay Marina
  • Westshore Yacht Club Marina
  • Tampa Bay Boat Club
  • The Tierra Verde Marina

There are plenty more as well as a few more yacht clubs that you could be a part of to dock your boat there as well! And, of course, enjoy a few delicious meals and events as part of the club.

Why Buy a Yacht?

There are so many reasons to pull the money you have together to buy a yacht if you can afford it. Maybe buying a yacht is a dream of yours…so follow your dreams!

Freedom to Travel

It can be difficult to hop on an airplane every time you want to get away. With a yacht, it’s yours and you can take it out whenever you want to without having to buy a ticket or spend more money!

You can travel all around the country, and even the world, in a yacht.

While cars also give you the freedom to travel, you aren’t able to easily get from one country to the next in a car. A yacht changes that dynamic.

If you are traveling up and down the East coast of the United States or through the Mediterannean sea, you would be saving money by living on your yacht while you do it!

Spend Time on the Water

If you are an ocean lover, spending time at the beach and on the water is probably a huge priority for you. What better way to do that than actually being able to stay on the water as well?

You could even have parties and dinners on the water because your yacht will be big enough to do that!

Popular Places to Visit While Yachting From Tampa Bay

If you keep your yacht in the Tampa Bay area, where can you go on the weekends or for a quick getaway? Here are a few close to Tampa!

Caladesi Island

Many local boaters in the Tampa Bay area love to go to Caladesi as a day excurion on their boats because it is much less crowded than some of the other areas in the bay.

Part of the reason that it is less crowded is due to the fact that the island is only accessible by boat. When you visit, you’ll see some other boaters parked around the island enjoying the clear waters and warm sand!

Three Rooker Bar

North of Caladesis Island is a newer island called Three Rooker Bar. This one tends to get a little more crowded during the day as boaters love to come and enjoy the afternoon with a few drinks in hand.

Even though it’s a bit more crowded, this newer sand bar is worth the visit.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront

What better way to take in views of Tampa Bay than to bring your yacht right through the Hillsborough River to see downtown and Curtis Hixon Park?

You’ll be boating right along the riverfront walkway and can wave to all of the passerby’s. You’ll see the large downtown buildings, a few restaurants like Ulele and Armature Works, the University of Tampa, and so much more!


Not too far away from Tampa Bay is Sarasota. If you choose to yacht down there, you’ll be passing right by the Sunshine Skyway Bridge…one that you can’t miss and will look at in awe!

Once in Sarasota, you’ll notice a ton of other boaters and people yachting because of the clear waters and amazing fishing down here!

If you want to explore a little further, keep going to Anna Maria Island or Siesta Key. You’ll find a ton of cute shops, cafes, restaurants, and even more beautiful beaches on these islands!

Key West

Ready to take your yacht even further? Why not go on a week-long getaway to the tip of Florida with your yacht? You’ll be in awe at the crystal clear blue water in Key West.

You can also hit up Dry Tortugas National Park while you’re visiting! You’ll not only be getting beautiful views but a little bit of culture on your travels.

Start Living Your Dream Life and Buy a Yacht

There may be some things holding you back from buying a yacht. But the outcome of buying it will leave you with so much happiness that it will be worth it in the end.

You can travel whenever you want, stay on your boat, visit places that are only accessible by water, and enjoy every single day on the ocean.

Are you ready to make a purchase? If you have any questions about what yacht is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’ll help you find your dream boat!