Top 5 Florida Yachting Destinations You’ll Love To Visit.

From our previous post, we are going to dive deeper into what we think is the BEST destination for yachting: Florida! The last time we checked, Florida was the world’s boating capital. Here are more boats registered than anywhere else in the country.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is considered to be the “Yachting Capital of the World.” In fact, the Sunshine State has more marinas per square mile than anywhere in the world.

Top 5 Yachting Destinations in Florida

If your dream is to go on a Florida yachting trip this year, then these destinations should be on your bucket list. As the name suggests, these destinations are most suited for boating. These destinations have a plethora of additional activity options, including parasailing, jet-skiing, and a lot more.

The Florida Keys

It is an obvious popular destination but certainly lives up to its reputation since it boasts a 100-mile stretch of beautiful islands. Fishers, snorkelers, and divers will find plenty of opportunities there. Aside from excellent dining options, various nightlife options are sure to keep anyone entertained! Yachting in the Florida Keys is undoubtedly one for the bucket list.

When cruising from north to south, boaters first arrive at Key Largo, the northernmost island in the Florida Keys. A variety of resorts and rental properties are available here, as are marinas that accommodate visitors on boats.

Many people flock to the Florida Keys mecca of adventure, Key West, just before reaching their final destination, Cuba. Located at the very end of the line, only about 90 miles off the Florida coast, it is the last major stopover before reaching Cuba.


One of the most popular boating areas in the country is Tampa Bay. Several factors contribute to the popularity of boating in Tampa Bay, including its size, the presence of several tributaries flowing into it, its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the large and diverse boating community, and the wide range of activities and places of interest to boaters.

Tampa is the ideal yachting destination for social butterflies. While on the islands, you can relax in the sun on secluded, quiet shorelines. Cruise to downtown nearby St.Petersburg or downtown Tampa to experience the energetic atmosphere of nightlife and delicious restaurants.

Charlotte Harbour

Tampa Bay is the biggest natural bay on the west coast of Florida, followed by Charlotte Harbor. You can spend hours sailing, kayaking, fishing, or cruising without ever stepping foot in the Gulf of Mexico or Intracoastal waterways. There are two rivers running into Charlotte Harbor – the Myakka River to the northwest and the Peace River to the east.

Unlike the Florida Keys, this destination is less crowded but also a bit more secluded. This is the yachting retreat you should visit if you want to avoid crowds and enjoy a more peaceful environment. A popular fishing destination where many popular fishing shows have been filmed. Lowkey boaters can enjoy their uncrowded beaches.

The harbor is ideally located for a wide range of activities such as kayaking among the rivers, canals, and mangroves. Or, fishing in Pine Island Sound. Visitors can enjoy taking a leisurely cruise to the barrier islands or the Keys or taking a kayak out to the open ocean.

Jupiter/Palm Beach Area Yachting

This area is known for its natural beauty and pristine beaches reminiscent of the Mediterranean and postcard-worthy views of the lighthouse. There is a good chance that you may mistake the crystal clear waters for Hawaii. The location is near the Gulf Stream, making it an easy access point to the Northern Bahamas.

Fort Lauderdale & Miami

This would be the best place to spend the night if you were to stay off your boat. Known as one of the world’s most popular boating destinations, and continues to live up to its reputation as host of the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. In addition to endless sightseeing opportunities, there are many dining options. Miami’s warm, tropical water is complemented by its breathtaking skyline and views. Visit downtown Miami and relax in Fort Lauderdale.

Honorable Mentions for Yachting Adventures in Florida

The best matching experiences really aren’t limited to just five locations. Florida has more than plenty of sailing opportunities to enjoy. These are additional Florida locations to take the yacht sailing…

Jacksonville & St.Augustine

The St. Johns River flows through Jacksonville, which is the major waterway in the state. Boating enthusiasts appreciate the fine hotels, fine restaurants, and first-rate marinas in this Atlantic Coast city. Downtown offers plenty of dockages, including the Metropolitan Park Marina – a key benefit of a town that hosts several waterfront festivals.

Stay a few days in Jacksonville and experience world-class fishing. Salt marshes are ideal for shallow-water fishing in Florida, and there is a large kingfish tournament in the city each year.

St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest and first seaport, is located about 40 miles south of Miami. Explore the 144-block historic district and the Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fortress built in 1672, on foot after docking at the City Marina.

Pensacola & Destin

Northwest Florida’s gems include Pensacola, which dates back to Spanish exploration, and Fort Walton Beach often referred to as “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” and Destin.

The Emerald Coast is one of the best boating destinations in Florida because of its beautiful beaches, sheltered harbors, and world-class deep-sea fishing.

Many sailing magazines have praised the Pensacola Bay area as one of the best cruise ports in the Gulf of Mexico in many of their issues. In Destin, FL, you will find Florida’s largest fisheries fleet, making it a preferred fishing destination for blue-water anglers.

You can reach 100 feet of water in just 10 miles out of Destin’s East Pass, where there are most of the red snapper swarming over artificial reefs and wrecks. In addition, you should also check out Panama City Beach, a 27-mile white-sand beach easily accessible from downtown Panama City.

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