Catalina Sailboats For Sale By Massey Yachts

Catalina Sailboats are a US-based company that is known for producing fiberglass and mono Hull sailboats that range in sizes from 8 feet up to 47 feet in length. The company was first founded in the year 1969 and Hollywood California and since then the legacy of Frank Butler has been evident in a wide range of their yachts. As one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world, Catalina is responsible for a large portion of the market in yachts. With over 60,000 of these yachts available in the world, a Catalina sailboat is widely considered to be the premier yachting experience on the waves. This article will go over the Catalina sailboats for sale by Massey Yachts and their history.

Some of the earliest forms of these yachts were produced with only handcrafted materials. The founder Frank Butler took over when the production costs of his first vessel grew too expensive. When he was unable to repay debts to the builder, Butler was asked to come in as a builder and would continue to produce sailboats across Florida. The earliest versions of these boats were the victory 21 and super satellite as well as the Coronado. Catalina produced some of the first boats of their kind including the Coronado which was a one-piece interior yacht at 25 feet. 

The Corporation continued to grow and would produce interesting center cockpit models in a 35 and 41-foot format. The producers would also create the first Catalina deck design including a taller mast and shorter boom as well as new movements along with the rudder. Catalina would acquire Morgan yachts and bring in the Catalina Morgan 440 in the year 2004. Catalina now produces yachts that are in excess of 50 feet and still continues to deliver a handcrafted quality in its vessels produced across the USA. 

The Production Process

There’s a reason why Catalina has become one of the world’s top boats with recent awards occurring in the year 2020. The Catalina 545 is one of the world’s top cruising boats and the production facility in Largo Florida is one of the best places to find these vessels for sale. Catalina continues to focus on the long-term use of its models and makes small changes in the vessels every year. The larger cruising class boats in 27 feet and longer have a fixed keel and lead ballast which is unique to the model. 

Some of the longest-running models include the 267FK and 273 WK which have been produced since the year 1984 in the same configuration. Popular models also include the Catalina 28 first produced in the year 1992 as well as the Catalina Capri 26 which was introduced in the year 1990. More modern Catalina models include the Catalina 315 produced in 2012 and the 147 Catalina 350 brought in by the year 2002. 

The partnership with Morgan involves modifications to the rear cockpit introducing models like the 385 in 2012. These models introduced new comfort and cruising ability the likes of which we have not seen on previous Catalina models. All of these top models are produced in the Largo Florida facility and you can often find excellent Catalina sailboats for sale throughout the year in Florida. 

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