Our Listings Of Motor Yachts For Sale In Florida

Massey Yachts is a company that’s been operating and providing motor yachts for sale in Florida since the year 1977. With over 40 years of continuous sales and excellence and professionalism, we are prepared to outfit businesses and provide private yacht sales around the state of Florida. We’ve sold a series of preowned and professionally outfitted trawlers, motor yachts, specialty yachts, power catamarans, and more. Our business has delivered in excess of 4000 yachts ranging in size from 28 feet up to 62 feet. Were proud of the work that we do and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver products that are consistently in line with our customer’s needs. 

Over the years we’ve been working with a series of manufacturers including Catalina, Hunter, Nordic tug, mariner, helmsman trawlers, Albin, True North, Mainship Trawlers, and Downeast. We’ve become a risk acted provider of a wide range of vessels and we offer yachts for sale across Florida as one of the trusted providers for a number of companies over the last 40 years. We were the sole sales agents in the United States for Sunsail and we operate a series of sailing yacht charters in the greater Tampa Bay area. We’re experienced in the process of running in caring for yachts and we know how to put customers into the best products for their current budget as well as for their skill level. The yachts that we have for sale in Florida are all vetted by professionals and we want to make sure that the listings we provide are extremely detailed. 

Over the years we have been able to connect people with the finest motor yachts for sale in Florida and the surrounding area. We work with sellers all over the state to broker deals and also offer some of the most affordable pricing on sourcing yachts throughout the state. Whether you’re in the market for a brand-new or used yacht, we can point you in the right direction of a quality vessel and ensure that you can get the best for your budget. 

The listings that we offer showcase any details on cosmetic damage and we perform complete inspections for any signs of rot damage or cracks. You’ll also get information if there are loose seats or I need for some form of renovation to take place to make the vehicle seaworthy. Our experts will examine the vessel throughout the entire area and check for the best signs for water damage, mildew, and more. 

We check on the engine health and we want to ensure that all electronics are in great shape too. If you’re on the hunt for a quality yacht it’s very important that you work with the right professionals to speed up the process of finding the vessel that is best for you. Be sure to check out our listings today and you will have some of the most comprehensive yacht listings in the greater Florida area. With our esteemed history, we have some of the best professionals looking out for you and teams that are able to help you enjoy the best experiences in purchasing brand-new and affordable yachts in many states. 

If you want to get into contact with one of our experts regarding the purchase of a new or used yacht, contact us now and we can help you find the best motor yachts for sale in Florida. Whether you’re trying to source a new vessel for a charter worthy vessel for your business, we can broker the perfect vessel to suit your needs.