Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Sailboat

If you’re considering the option of buying a used sailboat it’s very important that you complete the research before you commit to a specific model. Making sure that you can get a great deal on a quality sailboat as well as find a vessel that’s going to serve you for years to come can be a tall order. If you’re looking at multiple sailboats and weighing your options it’s always best to consider some of the main questions that you’ll need to ask to verify the quality of a sailboat before you make a purchase. Here are some of the main factors that you should be considering before you purchase a used sailboat:

What Are Your Intentions For Using The Boat?

Many first-time buyers for boats and yachts are simply excited about the idea of getting a vessel. They don’t end up concerned with what they plan on doing with the vessel but they’re interested in getting more bang for their buck. Not all boats are going to be suitable for various activities. If you wanted to do some sailing or cruising there certain boats that are beneficial for this type of experience. If you’re looking for a boat that’s going to be easy to use for family or fishing, you might want to choose something with a larger cabin or items like live wells. Have a clear goal in mind of what you want to do with your boat and you can find a used boat that’s going to take off more of the features that you value. 

What Size Boat Works Best For You?

A large boat can be an exceptional amount of work and you might face the chance that you need a crew, extensive maintenance, lots of extra fuel, and more. Consider what you’d like to do with your boat and how many people you might want to have onboard at a time. Weighing your expectations can make sure that you’re not taking on too much or a boat that might be too large for you to handle. 

Where Do You Plan On Sailing?

If you plan on regularly sailing through, lakes or a local river, a smaller vessel will likely suit you just fine. If you want to sail through the open ocean and regularly charter trips to various islands, you’re going to one of the vessels that’s able to handle the ocean accordingly. Looking into a vessel that outfitted for the environment you want to sail in can be important to protecting your safety. 

Ask Why The Boat Is Being Sold

There’s absolutely no harm in asking why a boat was sold. Going through perspective purchase requires due diligence and you might find out that the boat is being sold because of a major need for repair or because of some form of deficiency in the vessel. If the response from the buyer seems choreographed they could be hiding something that is major regarding the repair of the vessel. 

Ask How The Previous Owner Used The Vessel

If the previous owner regularly used the vessel for partial seasons and stored it, this is a sign that it has been taken care of. If the seller did not regularly service the vessel, it’s been involved in an accident previously or it was used regularly for public charters, there is a chance you could be getting a vessel that is not well taken care of. 

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are looking at used sailing vessels. Completing your research ahead of time will ensure that you can get a better quality vessel and a greater value overall.

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