The Catalina 385

The Catalina 385 was a vessel that was first introduced to the United States sailboat show out of Annapolis Maryland. As one of the premier sailing vessels and introductory yachts, this is a true star in the yachting industry. Catalina has proven itself with the wide range of larger yachts that it produces and the smaller vessels including the Catalina 385 are often considered the best in the industry for new yachters. The robust construction and the excellent handling here are innovations that have defined the manufacturer. Catalina yachts are known for their craftsmanship and the Catalina 385 is no different. It’s a high-quality craftsmanship and improvements that named this vessel the domestic boat of the year. The Catalina 385 and the five series yachts all take advantage of some of the most robust levels of construction details when compared to some of the larger models from the past. A series of innovations to find these five series yachts including the strike zone and watertight collision bulkhead making this more suitable for going out to see, the dedicated five-part structural grid, the deep defense rudder system, ball and socket chain plate system and the amazing finishings that make this a true star out on the water. 

Apart from the handling and engineering improvements, Catalina knows how to finish a vessel very well. The company has been awarded at the top end of many yacht manufacturers for the quality of the construction that it produces and awaited finishes of its vessels. Top antique interiors and led keels are features that are only found on Catalina vessels as a standard. These added improvements and the finishing touches that you can access on these vessels ensure that you will be receiving true luxury in the market for your yacht purchase. The five series is a heavily coveted model and these interiors and finishing touches are products that are typically found on much more expensive yachts. Whether you are considering using this yacht as a live-in vacation home or you’re going to be using it as a regular cruiser, the systems in place here are impressively luxurious. 

Catalina offers the chance for new yacht owners to build their vessel from the ground up. You can design and build your own Catalina in the five series or 385 series configuration by clicking options from the website. The construction story of these incredible yachts takes place three years of engineering and the latest model of 385 yachts introduces some of the finest seafaring technology that we have ever seen. With engineering and manufacturing taking place throughout Largo Florida, the world class construction of these yachts is known throughout the industry and admired by collectors and professional sailors the world over. 

If you are seeking one of the best quality yachts on the market and you want something that’s going to remain dependable, manageable and luxury, the Catalina model 385 is an excellent choice. With hands-on manufacturers offering amazing customer service and the finest support throughout manufacturing to launch, if you’ve been seeking a yacht, this remains a fantastic choice for your first purchase or an addition to your fleet. 

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