Are you planning to sail this summer? Sounds exciting! Sailing is a fantastic idea. Imagine the wind caressing your face as you feel the beautiful blue water around you.  Now, how exceptional would the experience be if the yacht you are sailing is your own? Not just that, what if you could use your yacht for the greater good?

Using Yachts for the Greater Good

By owning a yacht, you would always be ready for an adventurous trip with family and friends! Creating memories of the trips you have always dreamt of and having a safe outlet for removing the stress of your life. Yachts are an excellent investment if you are a sea lover, but they can be used for purposes other than cruising too. This blog highlights how your yachts can be used for the greater good!

Why is a yacht a lot more than just a sailing boat?

Oliver Steeds, CEO of Nekton, outlines the changes that can be made to the typical yachts for turning them into superyachts. You see, the yachts are a lot more than just sailing or cruising boats. Instead, they can be used for several other purposes and projects, such as:

  • Marine Scientist for Research
  • Understanding The Ocean
  • Innovative Research knowledge of REV Ocean
  • As Research Vessel
  • Education Platform
  • Scientific Research and Exploration
  • Ocean X

Let’s discuss each of these in detail below!

Marine Scientists for Research:

One of the greatest challenges for marine scientists is access to the sea. For undertaking research, scientists use yachts for going under the sea. Private yachts above 24 meters have extra berths between private use and charter, so they help in supporting marine scientists.

Understanding The Ocean:

Yachts can also be used for supporting ocean conservation and help scientists understand the oceans. However, only a few yachts can support complex marine research operations.

Using Yachts for the Greater Good

REV Ocean:

Scientists for innovative research expeditions use REV Ocean for exploring the following:

  • Impact of Carbon dioxide emissions on the ocean
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Sustainable fishing

Well-equipped yachts are being built for conducting research that aims to cover the entire marine ecosystem.

Research Vessel:

When talking about using yachts for the greater good, the initial focus lies in building a research vessel, which will have a tremendous amount of equipment, enabling it to undertake a good deal of scientific research. By making it a research vessel, the yacht will feature a fleet of submersibles. These submersibles are very important as they can dive deep down in the ocean and explore the world that remains hidden most of the time!

Education Platform:

Besides the research facilities, the research vessel has also been used as an educational platform. Moreover, it has also acted as a place for bringing the policymakers and the decision-makers together.

Scientific Research and Exploration:

People who own yachts don’t just use them for their adventures and vacations. Instead, they also use them to conserve and improve the quality of the environment. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft and the owner of various yachts, was a sea lover! He used his yachts for entertainment and the greater good by making them available for scientific research and exploration.

Ocean X:

Ocean X is the next-generation technology for exploring the ocean and bringing it back to the world through media. It is a bold new initiative that will unite science, storytelling, and education while inspiring a connection between the world and the ocean!


Yachts are much more than entertainment and adventures. An investment in yachts is not an ordinary one as a well-equipped yacht can help you do the greater good for the world. So, if you are looking for such yachts, Massey Yachts is the right place! With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, they make sure to give you the best! Best of luck with the yacht shopping!