Are you looking to buy the Catalina 425? The Catalina 425 is indeed a masterpiece. The boat’s original design has gone through several transformations, named one of the world’s best quality boats. 

You will hardly ever find a boat of such quality in this size. The company has already produced and sold 1,000 units.

Moreover, in the current marketplace, Catalina 425 has unveiled a new niche of boats with its signature style.

The famous Gerry Douglas designed the Catalina 425. He has given a market competitive cruise boat design. It is the fifth model in the Catalina series. 

We will give a detailed review of Catalina 425. Keep reading if you are planning to invest in it!

The Construction, Style & Design 

The famous designer, Douglas, is the brains behind 425 Catalina. He knows what makes a boat complete and diverse for cruising. The work can be seen in 425 with its efficient hull form design to carry sufficient load along long waterlines without affecting the performance. 

The Deck

If you love boats, you must have seen that even the best of the boats get a low rating because of their poorly designed cockpits. We certainly hope that every boat designer takes a ride on Catalina 425 to learn a few design tricks. 

Catalina 425 definitely has one of the easiest cockpits to navigate through. The design is so efficient that it can operate on large-sized boats as well. 

For convenient access, the footwell is constructed in a wide length providing sufficient area to go through the Edson wheel pedestals and the boarding platform.


The first impression anyone would have on Catalina 425 is being spacious with footsteps leading to the saloon installed at beautiful angles. The choice of material is light maple, which is trimmed into two hatches and hull ports. 

The overall design layout for the accommodation on the boat is pretty much traditional. It has an L-shaped galley alongside the showerhead. The place has two seats and a flanking table that can be used as a working desk. 

The Under Sail Design

Without a doubt, the interior of Catalina 425 is impressive and offers comfort. There are many details of the design that can appeal to people on board. Douglas has definitely transformed the modern boat designs to provide easy navigation and sail handling on Catalina 425. 

He has put forth a modern style boat that can easily be used by a single person on board. It has sheets that can be extended on the backside of the wheel for simple breeze handling. 

Also, the helm has beautiful sightlines providing comfort both while you are sitting or standing. This has been achieved by increasing the helm seats’ height slightly above the benches in the cockpit. Smart indeed! 

The Under Power

The specifications of boat power include:

  • A57 hp Yanmar diesel,
  • A fixed propeller with a swinging three side blade, 
  • Can be sailed over 2000 rpm for 7 knots without disruption,
  • A surprising cruising speed,
  • Flat out above 8 knots,
  • The engine does not produce any sounds,
  • The tankage is around 56 gallons,
  • Under Power is set for long-range,

In The End 

Catalina 425 is a collection of modern boat designs providing a lifetime sort of experience. It is one of the best cruising boats in the market that will get you anywhere with ease and comfort. It is safe to be driven by a single person on board as well. 

The boat has achieved the famous SAIL Best Boat award as well. Our honest advice; you should definitely invest in the 425. If you are interested in learning more about the Catalina 425 then contact us today!