Purchasing a Yacht Through a Yacht Broker

Purchasing a yacht is very similar to purchasing a home in many ways, because yachts are often expensive assets they often require brokers to handle the process of the sale. As you likely wouldn’t consider buying a home without the help of a qualified real estate broker, it’s important to consider that buying a yacht is somewhat of a similar process. Using a yacht broker can be extremely detrimental when you’re dealing with yacht purchases. 

Working with a broker can help you sort out the various results in yacht sales today as well as negotiate through the multistep procedure of getting a fair price on the model. Yacht brokers are extremely well-trained and they know everything from the latest models of yachts all the way down to what the average value of a used yacht should be. Yacht brokers can learn what you have in mind for yacht purchase and then go to work finding the right model that suits your specifications. As well as being able to help you appropriately find what you are looking for, a professional yacht broker will also handle the financial side of the purchase. 

Showing up to buy a boat that’s over $100,000 in a cash deal is extremely risky and this is why using a yacht broker can help to protect you financially. Yacht brokers can make it easy to finance the deal like you would a mortgage, manage escrow accounts, and handle the taxation process of buying a yacht. Hiring a professional yacht broker often comes at no cost to the buyer. Usually, the fees associated with a yacht broker come down to the seller. 

What often happens when a buyer is interested in a yacht they see online is they’ll end up calling a listing broker. When this happens, the buyer may find themselves in a difficult area as the listing broker might be interested in offering an inflated price to preserve their commission. Working with a broker that specializes in sales can help to save the boat buyer and money and make sure that they’re going to get the best deal on a yacht. 

How To Begin The Process

Sellers will pay around 10% commission to the broker that actually sells their yacht. Even in the earliest stages, they are buying Rocher’s that are interested in finding customers that are seeking out yachts for sale. These experts are able to take buyers through all stages of the buying and selling process as well as ethically help them get the best deal for their needs. Brokers can be certified and this demonstrates that they’ve not only completed ongoing training but are bound by a code of ethics in the buying and selling process. Working with a broker that has appropriate experience and certification will make sure that you can truly trust the person that you’re working with. 

Yacht brokers will lay out a series of vessels that can suit your specifications, help you during the process of a sea trial and help you through the process of price negotiation. Your broker also submits the offer to the listing broker and works to handle the funds in escrow so that you will be protected from fraud. 

Once you and the yacht seller agree on a final price the buyer’s broker will continue to assist you in the process of financing your yacht, determining the best tax options for the sale, making sure that the vessel has a clear title without any encumbrances or liens and that the ownership can pass smoothly between you and the current owner. 

By working as your intermediary and as your professional sales help, the yacht broker is an excellent solution for getting just the type of vessel you have been seeking and in a safer manner. 

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