Imagine the perfect afternoon. You’re on your very own yacht along with your friends or family, viewing a breathtaking scene of the setting sun while helping yourself to great food. Sounds awesome, right? But before you decide to spend your hard-earned money on a brand new yacht, we recommend that you conduct some research so that you can buy the right yacht for yourself. One of the first things you need to decide is the size of the boat you need. Read on to learn about what size yacht a beginner should get.

Why Get a Yacht In The First Place?

You may think that buying a yacht may be a waste of money and that you can invest in something more profitable. However, the benefits of getting a yacht are endless:

It’s An Adventure

Nothing like a day out in the sea to awaken the brave spirit inside of you. You get to explore new places and find yourself experiencing a new life! 

Family Time

There is nothing like some time outdoors on the waves to bring your family together. You’ll bond while spending some quality time together.

Centre of Attention

You’ll be that person in your social circle. You can host get-togethers, take your friends out on a cruise and be the life of the party!

Quality Alone Time

You can isolate yourself from everything around you in the silence of the oceans. Give yourself a well-deserved break!

What Do You Want From Your Boat?

Once you’ve decided on the budget the next step is- what will you do on your boat? Do you want to go sailing or fishing? Perhaps you want a more family/friends-oriented time on the boat? Or do you just want a luxurious cruise while spending some alone time? What you want to do with your boat affects the overall dimensions of your boat and once you’ve decided that, you can decide the size.

What Size To Buy

Many people like to opt for larger boats, usually in the range of 34ft-46ft, but that is not always the answer.

  • Usually, for offshore sailing, larger boats (30+ft) are preferred as they are more durable and can accommodate more people as well.
  • For a more localized cruise, you can opt for a mid-range boat (20ft-30t) as these don’t require a lot of difficult maneuvering.
  • Water sports have very few requirements and need to be fast and smooth. So try to go for a boat in the 15ft-25ft range.
  • For inshore fishing, you can go for smaller boats that won’t cost a lot and will be easier to handle as well. These can be in the 15ft-20ft bracket.


However, if you are younger e.g. below 20, and are opting to buy a boat we have other recommendations. To have a good learning curve, go for more average-sized boats. The lengths can range from 14ft to 16ft.


Time spent on a yacht can be one of the best memories you can form for yourself, but it can be difficult to get the right yacht. But by looking into it you can easily get the best outcome for yourself and find out what size yacht should a beginner get. For more cool boating equipment and sailing advice, check out for relevant information.

Happy Boating!